Who Was Sher Shah Suri: Art, Trade and Religious Policy - History

Sher Shah Suri built the Purana Qila which has a beautiful mosque called �Qila-i-Kuhna� Masjid. He also introduced silver and gold currency. He was a follower of Islam.


Religious Policy of Sher Shah Suri


Do you know, which religion was followed by Sher Khan?


Sher Shah was a follower of Islam but he was tolerant towards other religions. He adopted the Devanagri script and inscribed �Shri Sher Shah� on the coins. He gave a donation for the betterment of education and appointed Raja Todar Mal as his revenue minister who later on served the Mughals under Akbar.


Trade and Commerce


Trade and commerce flourished during the reign of Sher Shah because of the establishment of proper law and order, a network of roads built by Sher Khan, and the introduction of silver currency. He imposed the custom duty at the place from where goods entered and at the place from where the sale took place. Do you know, Which type of coins was introduced by him?


He introduced silver coins called the �rupia�, gold coins called �mohurs�, and copper coins called �dams�. The silver coin was considered the precursor of the modern Indian currency �Rupee�.


Art and Architecture


Sher Shah Suri was a great builder and in his short span of 5 years, he built a number of buildings. Do you know about any of such architecture or buildings made by Sher Shah?


Some of the buildings made by Sher Shah are � The Rohtas Fort (a UNESCO World Heritage site in Pakistan), Qila-i-Kuhna mosque, the Sher Mandal or Purana Qila in Delhi, and his own tomb at Sasaram in Bihar. His tomb is considered one of the finest structures of architecture.

Death of Sher Shah Suri


He died in 1545 CE in a gunpowder explosion but his dynasty continued to rule till Humayun re-established the Mughal empire. He was regarded as the forerunner of Akbar because he adopted many of his practices.


Sher Shah Suri - MCQs


1. Which of the following is not built by Sher Shah?
a) The Rohtas Fort
b) Purana Qila
c) Qila-i-Kuhna
d) Buland Darwaza


2. Gold coins were called as ��
a) Dams
b) Rupia
c) Rudraksha
d) Mohurs


3. When did Sher Khan die?
a) In 1540 CE
b) In 1535 CE
c) In 1450 CE
d) In 1545 CE


4. Sher Shah was the follower of which religion?
a) Hinduism
b) Buddhism
c) Christianity
d) Islam


5. Who was appointed as the revenue minister by Sher Shah?
a) Abul Fazl
b) Bahar Khan
c) Kautilya
d) Raja Todar Mal


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