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Though not so new in the global economy, the EdTech Sector can be looked upon as something among the largest and of great significance in the global market. With the recent advancements in the technological fields such as developments in the field of artificial intelligence, the digital revolution including the technology of automation in various aspects has made a revolutionary impact upon the EdTech Sector.

Role Of Pandemic In Boosting Edtech Sector

The Education sector is considered as one of the oldest and least innovative fields. For centuries, the method and manner of delivering education to the students have not sufficiently changed or evolved. In contrast to this, the period of the Covid-19 pandemic played a vital role in quick and fascinating development in the mode of Education.

With the restrictions required to be followed in this field, the world was compelled to adopt a new method of teaching. Though not much efficient as the smooth evolutionary phase was required to be omitted. In the pandemic period, which led to various losses to the world in economic as well as social aspects, a new sector had emerged in the global economy, the EdTech Sector.

EdTech Sector is simply a notation to the sector which combines the method of education with Technology. Various companies gained popularity in the EdTech Sector, including StudyíníLearn, which was widely used to deliver lectures by the teachers to the students, online amid the epidemic.

Teachers and parents used to believe that education needs to be delivered only offline and in traditional classrooms. Although they were required to lose this perspective and adapt to the changing need of the time.

High Demand

As the experience of this epidemic phase, one wonít deny the fact that the adaptation of online mode was not merely a choice but became a necessity.

Such necessity acted as a catalyst in the evolution of high demand to be marked against the development in the EdTech Sector. During the pandemic, EdTech Sector showed an unusual and extraordinary speed in the development of its industry.

With the rise of the EdTech Sector into a mainstream education mode, the value of education and accessibility of top educators to those in remote places have been seen as a revolutionary phase transforming the traditional model of education into a modern and much better mode.

The analysts believe that the EdTech sector will revolutionize the education system giving maximum accessibility of education to the most remote areas at the least expense. The EdTech industry is also believed to hold the power for supporting the Indian Society to transform into an equality-prioritized society as anyone would be able to get an education irrespective of economic status, religion, birthplace, etc.

Government Programs

Skill India, S.W.A.Y.A.M., D.I.K.S.H.A., etc are some of the leading EdTech programs that are launched and promoted by the Indian Government. The industry is supposed to profit the investors in the upcoming years in a great and dramatic amount.

How Is Study'n'Learn Thriving in Education Sector and Transforming The Way India Learns?

Talking about StudyíníLearn will not be inappropriate at this point of discussion. StudynLearn has emerged as a popular and highly advanced learning tool among its competitors.

Engaging Resources

Studynlearn provides access to a plethora of fun and amazing resources such as engaging videos, animated lessons, and other interactive tools like quizzes gives it a prominent position in the EdTech market.

High Definition Video Lessons

Among its significant features, the High-Definition Video Lessons will certainly ignite inside your child the passion and spirit to learn. Studynlearn gives keen attention to the schoolís curriculum and ensures that it is mapped as per students' school curriculum. The video lessons are available also as interactive 3D and 2D Animations with the curriculum properly mapped.

Easy Revision

Revision is one of the vital elements in the objective to secure good marks. StudynLearn provides Interactive Revision Tools, thus leaving your worries to the learning platform in the last-minute preparation of your child. This tool itself comes with important points, timelines, and worksheets prepared by us.

Exam Practise

In order to practice more and more before heading into the battle zone of exams, we provide extensive question banks in the form of mock tests. The scores can be analyzed by the teachers and thereafter they can be used to enhance the efforts of the students to get the maximum output.


StudynLearn also provides Dedicated Mentor Support, which helps in the academic and motivational development of your child. These mentors are themselves experts in child mentoring and have years of experience as professionals regarding mentorship.

Mentors at StudynLearn also provide career guidance to the child by analyzing his interest and passions, thus leaving no point to think why you should not enroll your child with us. The pandemic has been a potential factor in the exposure of the Indian Society to the EdTech Sector and the growth of this industry.

The EdTech industry will be at a good pace in the coming years regarding the development of new products for better delivery of education. With the above discussion, it is not wrong to conclude that EdTech Sector is an industry with a great opportunity for investors to accumulate profit and get benefits.

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