What is Casteism? Measures to Eradicate Casteism and its Evil Effects

Casteism: As a Challenge To Democracy

In the beginning, this division of society was based on occupations but later on, it became hereditary, and then the question of high and low was born which did all the mischief. The flexibility of the caste system was gone and the people got themselves divided into several watertight compartments.

Measures to Eradicate the Evil Effects of Casteism

As discussed casteism has proved very harmful for our society. Its extreme side i.e. untouchability is still more to be condemned. Various social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Rai, Swami Dayanand, and Mahatma Gandhi preached against these evils. The state also passed legislation against these evils but much is still to be done in this direction. The following measures should be taken to eradicate these evils :

1. Providing Education Facilities. Education is the cure of all evils. It develops a scientific, rational, and liberal outlook among the people and slowly and slowly they come to know the great harm done by casteism and untouchability and they begin giving up these evil habits.
2. Promoting the Ideals of Equality and Fraternity. More and more emphasis should be laid on the high ideals of equality and fraternity both by our great leaders, social reformers as well as by the Government.
3. By Upgrading the Position of the Low-Caste People. Every effort should be made to upgrade the position of the down-trodden both socially and economically. More and more jobs should be provided to them and some seats should be reserved for them.
4. By Using Mass-Media. Radio, television, films, etc. should be properly used for showing the damages caused to society by the caste system and untouchability. Naturally, the public shall itself feel the uselessness of such evils and try to leave them at the earliest.

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