Visual Learning: 10 Reasons Why Schools Must Use The Power Of Visuals

Visual learning is a form of learning style in which students like to communicate concepts and thoughts using images, graphics, colours, and maps. It is a type of learning in which students use visual assistance to remember and acquire information.

Visuals break down information into smaller, easier-to-process bits, and when done correctly, they can be more comprehensible than text-based explanations. Furthermore, students easily associate emotions with pictures, making learning more compelling and memorable.

Why Schools Must Use Visual Learning Method For Delivering Education?

Here are top 10 benefits students get when taught via visuals.

1. Visual Learning Aids in Retention

Videos have a profound effect on the brain since they aid in the retention of knowledge for longer periods of time. It can capture an image more quickly than text. Visual learning, as opposed to reading from a textbook, aids self-study. You don’t always need the teacher to teach you a topic that can be covered through video presentations. It increases your learning capacity.

2. Visual Learning Stimulates Emotions

Memories are created when visual images are linked to emotions in the human brain. That is why visual content or any visuals can evoke long-term memories.

3. Visual Learning Boost The Learning Process

Visual learning aids in the retention of information for extended periods of time. Videos and images are considered to be processed immediately by long-term memory. Our brain processes, videos, and images 60,000 times faster than texts, thus switching to visual learning is the best option.

The visual learning method improves retention by 29-42%. It boosts your learning process by assisting you in processing knowledge mostly through images.

4. Visual Learning Makes Learning Easy

It facilitates communication with teachers and makes learning more enjoyable. You can learn complex things in a more straightforward manner. The difficult topic may be understood simply by glancing at the visual information, resulting in superior learning outcomes. It contains a variety of conveniently accessible items such as graphs, photos, and charts.

5. Visual Learning Catches Student’s Attention

Learners in today’s society have an attention span of only 8 seconds, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, making it impossible for them to be engaged with the topic until you make it fascinating with graphics. As a result of the shorter attention span, teaching methods can be changed to better suit the interests and understanding of the students.

6. Visual Learning Saves Cost On Expensive Study Materials

We all know that learning via viusals and graphics is more cost-effective when compared to other training methods. You don’t need to purchase books or other reading materials for learning effectively. With a click on your devices, you can access whatever topic you need to study in an efficient way. Isn’t it so smart and convenient?

With Studynlearn Whitelabel App, schools not only get an amazing, engaging and interactive content but they also get customized content, which means the content will be customzied as per school’s curriculum. So no need to worry “which topic the students read

How Studynlearn Incorporates The Power Of Visualization and Bring Curiosity in Students?

Studynlearn has hundreds of video lessons that describe the topic in a clear and straightforward manner. If you hate cramming concepts, Studynlearn can rescue you and provide you with highly interactive graphics and video lessons you will love to study from. It explains difficult concepts by making you visualize the concepts such as derivations and the formulas.

7. Visuals Turns Boring Classroom Into Exciting Ones

We’ve all experienced how boring and monotonous classroom learning with merely text and lectures can be. Learning through visuals or graphics aids in bringing students’ interest in academics. Won’t a child learn and retain better with a story rich in animations, bright colored graphics, interesting sound effects rather than just reading the texts?

8. 65% People are Visual Learners

65% of the global population is a visual learner, which means they need to watch visuals to retain better so we can say that nearly everyone enjoys learning through videos with compelling graphics and videos.

9. Visual Learning Turns Caters To All Types Of Learners

In a classroom, we find students with different IQ levels, it is best to choose the method of learning which caters to all types of students and visual learning seems to work just fine with them.

9. Learning With Visuals Brings Student’s Interest

Every brain is capable of understanding concepts, solving problems, and finding solutions then why some students aren’t interested in a few subjects? Is it because the student doesn’t want to study or is it because the way the student is learning isn’t exciting enough?

To bring students’ interest in subjects such as mathematics, history, computer, and science, teachers must use the power of visualization and storytelling for better learning outcomes. 10 minutes engaging video lesson can do wonders that a 6-page lengthy chapter can’t.

How Can Schools Deliver Visual Learning and Deliver Best Quality Education?

With the Studynlearn Whitelabel App, you can improve your students’ learning experience and increase their overall performance. Studynlearn Whitelabel app is a one stop solution for schools which are looking to improve at all aspects. Rebrand Studynlearn under your school’s brand name to boost your school’s growth and increase admissions with the help of Studynlearn Whitelabel App.

Benefits of Whitelableling Studynlearn Under Your School’s Brand Name

  • Improve your teaching techniques by utilizing advanced resources for learning.
  • Boost student’s performance, increase their curiosity and engagement in class
  • Collect fees timely and hassle free

Studynlearn Whitelabel App include video lectures, 2D-3D animated video courses, and other features to help students learn more effectively.

What’s better than a game for young learners than fun learning with interactive tools? The Studynlearn Whitelabel app includes interactive quizzes and activities to help students learn and practise concepts while having fun.

Studynleran Whitelabel app is coupled with a strong teaching platform that allows teachers to conduct live lectures. Studynlearn allows teachers to keep track of each student’s performance and growth. Following that, they can identify students’ weak areas and work on them in order to improve learning outcomes.

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