UNO United Nations Organization: Establishment, Formation, and Aim

The United Nations (UN) is an international organization that was established to maintain international peace and assist in the development of international cooperation rules. The UN is popularly known as the United Nations Organizations (UNO) ‘United Nations’ is the abbreviation for the ‘United Nations Organization.’ The primary goal of this organization is to achieve global peace and prosperity. They also assist in the development of international law and security between nations, and they strive tirelessly to achieve their objectives.

The United Nations (UN) is an international government organization that was established to foster international cooperation among all nations. It was founded on October 24, 1945. Every year on this day, the United Nations Day is commemorated around the world.

When did UNO United Nations Organization establish?

After the First World War, an organization called the League of Nations was established in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1920. The main aim of this organization was to establish peace among the nations of the globe and to stop future wars. But it failed in its aim to prevent the occurrence of the Second World War.

The Second World war was more disastrous than the First World War. Thus, the Allied leaders like US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill realized the dangers of war to humanity. Their sincere efforts resulted in the establishment of the United Nations Organisations.

Formation of the UNO United Nations Organization

1. London Declaration:

In June 1941, the representatives of Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa met in London to discuss the establishment of the U.N.O. The declaration signed by them was known as the London Declaration.

2. Atlantic Charter:

Do you know What was the Atlantic Charter?
During the Second World War, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US President Franklin Roosevelt met on a ship on the Atlantic Ocean. They issued a declaration in August 1941 which was known as Atlantic Charter. This declaration was signed by 26 nations including the former Soviet Union and China.

3. The Washington Declaration:

On January 1, 1942, the representatives of 26 Allied States met at Washington. They pledged to continue war collectively against the Axis Powers. They recognized the principles of the Atlantic Charter by a joint declaration which came to be known as the Declaration of the United Nations.

4. Moscow Declaration:

What was the Moscow Declaration? The Foreign Ministers of Great Britain, the USA, Russia, and China assembled at Moscow in October 1943. They issued four nations’ declarations which came to be known as the Moscow Declaration. In this declaration, a decision was taken regarding the establishment of an International Organization.

5. Tehran Conference:

Winston Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin met in Tehran from 28th November to 2nd December 1943. In this Conference, the three leaders put emphasis on international peace and security. They declared to end the fascist aggression.

6. The Dumbarton Oaks Conference:

The representatives of the UK, Russia, the USA, and China met at Dumbarton Oak Mansion from August 21 to September 28, 1944, to discuss the formation of the U.N.O.

7. Yalta Conference:

Prime Minister Churchill, President Roosevelt, and Soviet Premier Stalin met at Yalta (Soviet Union) from February 4 to February 11, 1945.

8. San Francisco Conference:

This conference was the last attempt for the formation of the United Nations Organization. It began in San Francisco on 25 April 1945. The UN Charter was drafted on 26 June and on 15 October, it was signed by 50 participating nations.

Thus, the U.N.O. came into existence on 24 October 1945. From then onwards, 24 October is celebrated as the United Nations Day every year. The U.N.O. headquarters are situated in New York (USA).

Aims of the UNO United Nations Organizations:

Let us learn about the objectives of the united nations:
• To maintain international peace and security.
• To develop friendly relations among nations on the basis of equality and the principle of self-determination.
• To foster worldwide cooperation in solving economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems.
• To promote human rights and fundamental freedom for the people of the world.
• To serve as a center where various nations can coordinate their activities towards the attainment of the objectives of the United Nations.


1. The United Nations Organisation came into existence _______.
a. 21st January 1945
b. On 4th October 1945
c. On 2nd February 1945
d. On 24th October 1945

2. In which year, the League of Nations was established?
a. 1940
b. 1926
c. 1912
d. 1920

3. The Foreign Ministers of Great Britain, the USA, Russia and China assembled at ________ in October 1943.
a. Washington
b. Geneva
c. Tehran
d. Moscow

4. On January 1, 1942, the representatives of _____ Allied States met at Washington.
a. 20
b. 14
c. 32
d. 26

5. The conference at ______ began on 25 April 1945.
A Britain
B Geneva
C New York
D San Francisco

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