Success Story: How did an average student perform extraordinarily?

“Learning is so much fun now!”, these words of a little girl named Himani Chaudhary who has just passed her class 5 exams, got our team at StudynLearn to reflect upon such an important yet often ignored aspect of education, i.e. learning. In today’s times of cut-throat competition when even children of such tender age are made to slog it out for the so-called ‘90+ percent’, Himani’s words are really rewarding for us.

Aspiring to become a doctor, Himani is totally in love with badminton, cricket, and dance for her recreation. Read the success story of an average student who performed extraordinarily!

Much like many other kids of her age she found it boring and tiring to sit down with books for too long. Social science was a subject that she found tough and difficult to understand. In spite of spending extra time on this subject and the best efforts by her mother and teachers, she could not see any improvement in her score. It was not until her mother Krishna Chaudhary learned about the StudynLearn App from one of her relatives, that things began to change for the better.

Himani adds to this, “I always found social science as my weak area. But the tips given by my StudynLearn mentor to use mnemonics and stories to develop an understanding of the history topics really made things exciting for me. The geography explanations through google maps and civics through real-life examples have made it so much easier for me that one of my best performing subjects this year was a surprisingly social science.”

On being asked as to how this new-found way of learning via videos, interactive quizzes, online mentoring, etc. helped her, she adds this into her success story without blinking, “The better understanding of concepts has added so much to my confidence. The cool animations with simple explanations, especially of science topics in the videos of StudynLearn really help me visualize things now.”

The lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic had deprived Himani and so many other kids of their outdoor sports and fun activities at school as well as home. It was such an unknown event for this generation or even the generation to which their parents belong that the challenges were overwhelming. While telling us her success story,

Himani adds, “Although my parents ensured that we never miss out on the enjoyment part along with studies, I really missed my friends from school and tuition.” The resolve and zeal that these children showed to overcome the tough challenges of the crisis have been commendable. Himani’s example is worth noting here,”

Apart from my daily online classes at school and the one hour that I spent with StudynLearn App, I found my dance practices really exciting. Also, the quizzes in StudynLearn were real fun. So many times my mother and I played around as competitors attempting these quizzes and I was surprisingly the winner on most occasions.”

The laughter with which she says this is gratifying for us. The ordeal of lockdown was equally taxing for parents who had to not just fill in for school & tuition teachers of their kids but also ensure that children do not miss out on the wonderful excitements of their age. Himani’s mother Krishna Chaudhary, who is a homemaker has this to say about her experience…..

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