Raja Rammohan Roy: Biography, Brahmo Samaj - MCQs - Class 8

Raja Rammohan Roy

He was born in an orthodox family of Bengal. He studied the religious scriptures of Islam and Christianity and believed in the oneness of God.


Raja Rammohan Roy was one of the greatest social and religious reformers of the 19th century. He was acquainted with Jainism and other religious sects of India. He condemned rituals and caste-based discrimination.


Do you know, who was the founder of Brahmo Samaj?


Raja Rammohan Roy founded the Brahmo Samaj in 1828 to purify and reform Hinduism. He published a Bengal translation of the Vedas and the principles of the Upanishads to give the people knowledge of their religion. He wrote �Gift to Monotheists� in 1809 to spread the message for the worship of a single God.


Do you know, what are the Ideals of Brahmo Samaj?

The Ideals of Brahmo Samaj are �


  • Worship of one God
  • Emphasis on human dignity
  • Opposition to meaningless rituals
  • Equality to women
  • Philosophy of Vedanta
  • Education


He organized agitations against the custom of Sati. Lord William Bentinck, the Governor-General of India passed a law in 1829, making the practice of Sati illegal. Raja Rammohan Roy was against child marriage and advocated widow remarriage.

He was a supporter of western education and started his own school in Calcutta. He also laid the foundation of many educational institutions such as Hindu College at Calcutta (later became the Presidency College), Vedanta College in 1825 and the English School. He is also known as the �Father of Modern India�.




1. Who wrote the book �A Gift to Monotheists�?
a) David Hare
b) Lord William
c) Swami Vivekanand
d) Raja Rammohan Roy


2. When was the Vedanta College in Calcutta established?
a) In 1818
b) In 1827
c) In 1809
d) In 1825


3. Brahmo Samaj was founded in which year?
a) In 1830
b) In 1809
c) In 1817
d) In 1828


4. Which of the following is not an Ideal of Brahmo Samaj?
a) Equality of women
b) Worship of one God
c) Education
d) Widow Remarriage


5. Raja Rammohan Roy is also known as?
a) Father of Asia
b) Father of Ancient India
c) Father of Vintage India
d) Father of Modern India


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