What is Reported Speech? Rules For Reporting Exclamatory Sentences

What is Reported Speech

Rules for reporting exclamatory sentences Exclamatory sentences express a sudden outburst of some emotions such as joy, sorrow, contempt, regret, surprise etc. Common explanatory phrases are given below: Hurrah! Ha! (Express joy)Alas! Oh! (Express sorrow, regret, or loss)Bravo! (Express Applause)What! Oh! How! (Express surprise) An exclamatory sentence has a sign of exclamation after it, which … Read more

Nominalisation – Change Verb Into Noun – Definition and Examples


The process of changing verbs into their corresponding nouns is known as nominalization. Academic writing frequently uses nominalizations; that is, the noun forms of verbs. Nominalisation shifts the focus from action to concepts For example:We walked for charity.The verb ‘walked’ has been nominalized to the noun ‘walk’. The charity walk.As you can see from the … Read more

How To Retain Employees? 12 Easy Employee Retention Strategies

How to Retain Employees? You’re at a crossroads when a high performer abruptly resigns. What went wrong? So, how about the rest of your team? What effect will this have on them? You obviously know you’ll have to rely on your existing team members to shoulder greater responsibilities while you look for a substitute for … Read more

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