Outcomes of Democracy: How to Judge Democracy’s Outcomes? Class 10

What are the outcomes of democracy?

Great Expectations from Democracy: Some people began to regard democracy as an ideal notion and began to expect too much from it. When any problem comes in the way of running democracy then at once we begin to blame democracy. Let us learn more about the expected outcomes of democracy.

But we must realize that democracy is only a form of government that creates situations for better governance but so much also depends upon citizens’ own actions and responses.

If someone among us indulges in corruption, delaying tactics, lethargy, etc. then democracy cannot be blamed. Much of the success of democracy depends upon our own behavior and actions and for any imperfection in the government, we must not blame democracy.

Outcomes of Democracy: Every individual expects a lot from democracy.

Democracy is expected to solve all the socio-economic, political, and economic problems of the country. Democracy is expected to give equality of status to everyone. It is expected that there would not be any discrimination on grounds of gender, race, religion, or region.

The reality is that everything is expected out of democracy. Any imperfection in any such area is termed undemocratic. As already said, it should be realized that democracy is a form of government.

It only creates conditions that will ensure equality of citizens before the law of the country. But the citizens have to know their rights and freedom and they should try to enforce them. A demo¬cratic setup does not ensure all the right policies.

Individuals have to take advantage of the good conditions created by democracy and make good policies. Thus, it is not right that for any imperfection in any area we should throw the blame on democracy.

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