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The EdTech industry in the country has seen massive growth over the last few years and the pandemic forcing people to stay back homes has enabled double the number of users seeking online classes and courses which is why the EdTech sector is the booming sector of India and can offer most profitable business in India. With education being an inseparable aspect of human development, the industry is sure to retain its form even during the darkest hours in human history.

Though education remained the same for many years, the technology for delivery has continuously evolved. Within the last few years, several young businesses have understood the potential of the business and how lower data prices have enabled the reach to the masses. 

SmartSchool Education is offering new business owners the opportunity to be a part of this revolutionary industry. With SmartSchool Education’s franchise model, starting a business in the EdTech sector can become a reality.

With private equity and venture capital firms investing heavily in the sector, there are vast potentials that are yet to be explored. Let us discuss how and why SmartSchool Education’s franchise model is the most profitable business in India.

High Demand And An Increasing Number Of Internet And Smartphone Users

With the lowering of the data prices, the internet was able to penetrate to a large number of users. Today, there are over 350 million mobile phone users in the country which is expected to double any time soon. This helps SmartSchool Education’s franchise model a viable business option as mobile devices and the internet have helped shaped the digital classrooms of the future.

SmartSchool Education’s leading digital classrooms are enabled with the help of cutting-edge technology to deliver and mediate learning. Not just students and teachers, new entrepreneurs are getting increasingly attracted to the value proposition offered by SmartSchool Education. Also, the current pandemic has forced schools and institutions to shut down. The heavy reliance on digital education is not fading anytime soon and therefore, SmartSchool Education’s franchise model allows new business owners and entrepreneurs to be a part of this education renaissance. 

Repeat Business

Students start learning from kindergarten and the learning does not stop. Since education is a lifelong requirement, chances of retaining customers for years are possible, securing a chunk of your profits. When students start with a platform from a very early age, they become loyal to the brand as they grow up well throughout their teen years. SmartSchool Education’s franchise model capitalizes on this opportunity and aims to provide students with quality education and classes so they remain loyal to the platform.

The franchise model has held up well by retaining businesses that have helped SmartSchool Education to accelerate the learning process on the platform and deliver in an attractive and interactive form. This has helped to create a strong link between what happens inside and outside the classroom making digital education available at all times.

With access to lectures, notes, assignments, and test prep materials, SmartSchool Education has been able to create a continuum of touchpoints in the learning experience for pupils. As business owners and entrepreneurs slowly adopt to SmartSchool Education’s franchise model, they are changing the way pupils learn and consume education.

A Recession-proof Market

While economies of the world dwindle from the uncertainty posed by the pandemic, the EdTech market has seen no obstacles in its path to growth. As education is one of the key aspects of human development, no matter the circumstance, the new generation must be educated.

As classrooms shifted from schools to digital screens, the education system is changing with the dramatically changing times. The EdTech sector has helped to fill the gap between the educational system and the professional world by helping individuals develop skills and theories in addition to the lessons taught in class.

SmartSchool Education’s franchise model holds a key appeal to young entrepreneurs who are aspirational and passionate about the use of technology. With a proper balance of modernism and traditional learning, SmartSchool Education has revolutionized the sector by reaching out to students, teachers, and parents from every corner of the country. 

Low Investments And High Rates Of Returns

SmartSchool Education’s franchise model has proven to be one of the most viable business models in modern times. This modern business model offers great potential for expansion. According to a projection by HolonIQ, the expenses on education will be worth $341 billion by the end of 2025. This reflects the start opportunities in the sector.

SmartSchool Education’s franchise model allows for an affordable entry into the EdTech market with a promise of great returns on your investments. Franchise owners can now earn between 2 lakh and 10 lakh each month when they decide to go with SmartSchool Education and start their most profitable business in India.

Also offering business owners training and support, SmartSchool Education makes for a sustainable, scalable, and profitable business model. If you are full of EdTech start-up ideas, SmartSchool Education’s franchise is going to be your best bet as they offer a systematic approach to developing the ultimate EdTech model.

The Democratization Of Education

The importance of EdTech not only lies in bringing down the costs of education and increasing its reachability but also come up with new and innovative solutions to deliver knowledge. SmartSchool Education’s franchise model has enabled the standardization of education and enabled access to all which has helped to achieve further democratization of education.

SmartSchool Education’s online platform and learning formats have massively improved access to education as well as enhancing the quality of teaching as well which makes it one of the most profitable business in India. SmartSchool Education has actively worked towards building and implementing cloud technologies to open doors to new possibilities. The EdTech sector has held up well and has offered the population and educational institutions of developing nations an improved academic and professional learning setting.

The school system helps to invest in our next generation via the education system. While the world is reeling from the pandemic, it becomes critical to delivering education. Without it, we lose our ability to educate and train the next generation impacting the growth of the nation. With SmartSchool Education’s franchise model, be a part of this digital trend and build up your most profitable business in India.

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