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Where can we get high-quality k-12 digital content?

Over the last few years, the ways and methods by which we learn in class have changed dramatically. Students and educators are increasingly flocking to online spaces to experience a new type of learning. Schools are moving towards a digital transformation by introducing K 12 digital learning materials for their students.

So, what exactly is K-12 digital content? K-12 refers to kindergarten to class 12th and the digital content refers to the academic digital materials that students can learn from. As the country is turning into the new normal, most schools have understood the relevance of digital as a medium in the present-day context. Such digital content can be used as stand-alone resources or can be used in conjunction with traditional instruction methods to enhance learning among students.

If you are looking for quality K-12 digital content, SmartSchool is the best choice for both students and teachers alike. Serving over 6000 plus schools across the country, this article will glance over the several benefits of choosing SmartSchool and how SmartSchool stacks up against the competition.

Benefits and features of SmartSchool Education:

When opting for SmartSchool�s digital content, there are a plethora of benefits that one can avail of. Let us take a look at these, one by one.

1. Interactive features: With SmartSchool�s digital content, teachers can boost participation in classrooms by allowing students to take part in the learning process through the use of several interactive exercises and lessons.

2. Great visuals: The K-12 digital content offered by SmartSchool features some of the most distinct visual flairs so that students do not forget what they have learned. From interactive videos to live quizzes on smartboards, SmartSchool�s content has been curated by industry experts to deliver the best education for the students.

3. Unified platform: No longer do parents have to rush to parent-teacher�s meetings every time to keep an eye on the development of their children. With a unified platform for both teachers and the students, parents are able to keep a track of what their kids have been learning at school and how they are performing. Everything from grades to quizzes is just a click away.

4. Making learning more fun: With SmartSchool�s brilliant digital classes, schools are able to serve quality teaching for their students. Gone are the days of boring blackboards and chalks, Schools can now opt for SmartSchool�s innovative smartboard for classes. From interactive sessions to vibrantly beautiful animations to clarify academic concepts, SmartSchool has surely ushered in a new age of fine learning. Learning does not have to be dreadful when you choose to go with SmartSchool.

5. Engaging video lessons coupled with interactive tools: Gone are the days of boring class lectures on the blackboard. Students can now easily learn concepts and ideas with the help of interactive videos, animations, and quizzes which further enhance their interest in the particular subject, boosting their learning.

6. Intensive training: When you choose to go the SmartSchool way, administrators can expect hands-on training from SmartSchool for effective maneuvering of the K-12 digital content. From setting up the learning environment in the app to tracking the progress of the students, SmartSchool ensures that schools can utilize the learning app to the fullest without any hiccups.

7. Custom curriculum: Not all educational boards offer similar courses for students and SmartSchool understands this. Thus, SmartSchool has come up with a custom solution for each education board. From state education boards to international curricula, SmartSchool�s K-12 digital content has been curated to keep the needs of the students in mind.

SmartSchool can easily customize the syllabus according to the requirements of each particular school so that they can have the best learning experience in class without having to worry if everything in the syllabus has been covered.

Smartschool�s offerings:

With over a decade of offering excellence in education and learning, SmartSchool provides a number of tools to enrich the student�s arsenal to help them have a fun learning experience. Let us take a look at what SmartSchool has to offer:

White label app for schools: As mentioned earlier, SmartSchool offers a comprehensive custom white-label app that schools can get customized to their heart�s content. From branding to the custom syllabus, the white label app will take care of everything.

Digital Smartboards: You got to admit that chalk and blackboards have gone long out of style. Even though most schools use it, its bulkiness has slowly started to overcome its effectiveness in learning. Introducing digital smartboards, a new way of learning with SmartSchool Education. From traditional notes on the board to interactive and fun educational games, the digital smartboard supports a number of content options when it comes to delivering class lessons.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Each child learns in his or her own way. All students are entitled to a high-quality education that will enable them to succeed in school and, eventually, in their jobs. SmartSchool Education has a pool of highly certified subject matter experts with several years of teaching expertise in a variety of disciplines and has also made major tie-ups with educational boards across the country to deliver a more seamless experience, no matter where you are from.

Our digital learning tools are tailored to the age, requirement, interest, and mental capacity of the students. We have been offering plenty of ebooks and other digital learning resources on various subjects that include all of the necessary tools to enhance a child's education.

1. Content mapping: SmartSchool is able to provide content for over 15 plus state boards and has a collection of resources from over 3000 publishers, making the app highly useful for students and teachers as well.

2. Wide selection of distributors: No matter where you are in the country, SmartSchool�s extensive network of over 1300 distributors across the nation, enables schools to take advantage of SmartSchool�s extensive K-12 digital content.

3. Bilingual: SmartSchool�s app is made to work with a bilingual interface so that no student is left behind owing to a lack of communication.

4. Works offline: The app is designed to work both online and offline which eliminates the need for a constant internet connection to be active. This is particularly helpful for students who do not have a reliable internet connection. This is a great feature that ensures students are not left behind because of poor internet connectivity.

5. Pricing: SmartSchool understands the value of quality learning and has thus kept the prices quite economical and affordable to the extent of 40% lower when compared with the rest of the competition in the market.

SmartSchool is going to be the best tool to help students to go through the world of digital transformation in the classroom. Giving students the proper learning tools will not only help them learn but they will also have an exciting learning experience with the interactive K-12 Digital Content.

Transform your classes with the K-12 Digital Content today! Contact SmartSchool Education now! To know more call on 8927089270.

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