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The education system in the country is in dire straits. Due to the employment of outmoded, out-of-date technologies, teachers are having trouble interacting with their students. Students are brought up in a technologically sophisticated, globally linked society. They now access information and digital services at any time and from any place. Despite this, schools and teachers continue to use a chalkboard to engage students.


Static chalkboards and paper-based courses do not engage children in the digital age. Instructors who are forced to utilise chalk to communicate with their students are doomed to fail. Students may shut out before the class even begins if teachings are crammed into lectures or written on chalkboards in the classroom.


Students should be able to use interactive smart boards to engage in class. Teachers are not limited in what they may say to their students. Films, PowerPoint presentations, and visuals can be utilised in addition to standard text-based instruction. In this post, we'll look at how teachers may use Studynlearn's interactive smart board technology in the classroom to better engage students.


Advantages of Interactive Smart Board


Adding to the Smartboard's Content


It is not recommended that the interactive whiteboard be utilised to replace classroom training or lecture time. Instead, it should serve as a complement to the lecture, allowing students to engage more deeply with the subject.


Before the class starts, the instructor should provide any additional materials that may be used with the smart technology, like short videos, pictures, or puzzles that students can work on using the smartboard.


Getting students to participate in group problem-solving activities


The focus of the lesson should be on problem solving. Present a problem to the students, then hand it up to the students to solve using Studynlearn's interactive smartboard. When smartboard equipment is employed as the main point of the lesson, students may work together more efficiently in the classroom. Students may tie the subject to the technologies they use every day because of the digital technology that connects them to the internet while they learn.


Highlight the Lesson's Main Important Information


Digital interactive smartboards from Studynlearn may be used to emphasise essential facts as you proceed through a lesson. Even before the course begins, teachers can decide which portions will be taught in class. As each class begins, break out the important themes, nomenclature, and critical data for students on the smartboard. In addition to text, images and videos can be used. This will help students not only take notes but also review the topics you will be covering in the future.


Answer Questions Asked by Students


Use Studynlearn's Interactive smart board in conjunction with class topics to engage the students. Look up additional facts or data using sophisticated technologies. Display the question on the smartboard and then discuss the answer with the children. Allow them to observe how you reply to the inquiry or collect more data. When you're done, save the results of the question and send them to the students for future use or reference.


Key features of Studynlearn�s interactive smartboard


Studynlearn's interactive smart board seeks to combine the digital and conventional aspects of learning to provide the greatest possible experience for both teachers and students. Studynlearn's interactive whiteboard has the following major features:


  • More than 50,000 high-quality program covers everything from kindergarten through the 12th grade.
  • Students may study more deeply by using animations, crucial points, questions, entirely completed NCERT answers, topper's workbook, interactive exercises, real-life footage, and other tools.
  • Windows and Android are both supported completely by the smartboard.
  • The evaluation system is available both online and offline, and it can be used at school and home.
  • You may use the report tool to keep track of what you're doing and how much time you invest in it. It's also helpful for teachers when it comes to lesson planning.
  • 3D video graphics and instructor-led courses: Every chapter of different topics are explained via animated or anchor-based movies, which promotes better understanding.
  • Anchor-based presentations engage students and help them connect the information to real-world scenarios.


Studynlearn Interactive Board has the following traits that make it an excellent choice:


1. Exam master (assessment platform)


A student database with over a million objective and subjective tasks.


2. AIEEE and IIT-JEE exam series are available on the website.


The performance of students is thoroughly examined using All India rankings.


3. Specialized Learning Zone


  • It is especially useful for pupils who are behind in class or who have dyslexia.
  • It will help the youngster strengthen his or her reading and writing skills, which will benefit in the learning of all subjects.
  • This zone serves as a therapy for the child, concentrating on the five basic abilities.


4. Scholar Zone


  • This examines the student's various IQ components.
  • It includes a range of Olympiad questions in Math and Science that are timed.


5. Choose a book's feature.


  • The drop-down menu for Teachers makes it simple to choose the appropriate board for different schools.
  • This feature assists in the selection of books depending on school curricula by plotting books for different publishers.


6. "Ask a Question" is a feature that allows you to ask a question.


  • Students can use this tool to pose questions about any of the subjects and learn more about them.
  • Mentors answer as fast as possible to any questions posed by students.


How can students benefit from Studynlearn's interactive smart board?


1. Improvements in Learning


The interactive smartboards from Studynlearn integrate a variety of learning strategies into a singular experience. Students can learn by looking at, listening to, and touching the whiteboard.


2. Participatory learning


Interactive whiteboards allow students to interact with the subject being taught. They become engaged in the discussion and can even help one another.


3. Easy


Interactive whiteboards are attractive and low maintenance. Chalks, markers, and other writing instruments aren't required.


4. Classroom flexibility is important


The dynamic smartboard from Studynlearn can display a range of media types. Pictures, graphs, maps, illustrations, and videos are among the many tools available to teachers.


5. Always connected


You have access to a multitude of digital information and resources since Studynlearn's interactive smartboards are connected to the internet.


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