Increase Followers on Instagram: How To Use Instagram For Business?

Instagram has become this online phenomenon that has boomed into the limelight over the last decade. With one of the most visited social media platforms on the planet, Instagram has become the cornerstone of several businesses’ online presence. Driving traffic, increasing engagement, and building an audience base are some of the perks that Instagram can offer businesses. Thanks to its robust presence and user base, businesses can get organic leads and potential customers that can immensely benefit their operations.

If you are planning to build your online presence or for your brand, Instagram is perhaps the way to go forward. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help you assimilate more and more Instagram followers to grow your business.

1. Optimize your account: Your Instagram account needs to look professional and attractive if you want more users to follow your brand. Optimizing your account is perhaps the first most critical thing to look out for. This will be the first thing your followers will be looking at so make sure it is attractive and well organized. Add a proper bio and cover picture so that the users can know more about your brand and its background.

Though these might seem obvious, you would be surprised to see how many pay no attention to it. Ensure to have a cohesive and unique look to your profile page to help you set your brand apart from the competition. Also, choosing an easy username is heavily recommended as it makes it much more search-friendly and easy to remember for the users as well.

2. Follow a consistent calendar and schedule posts: It is important that you stick to a constant routine when it comes to publishing content on your profile. Choosing to post content at random and irrelevant times can cause your content to miss out on tons of engagement and it will also impact the cohesiveness of your profile.

A good way to keep follow track is by using scheduled posts. You can make your posts in advance so that you don’t have to worry about posting them on time. Just select the convenient and relevant time slot and then it will be done automatically. This is quite helpful in posting special content for festivals and celebrations as you don’t have to constantly remember to post.

3. Understand your audience: This is a critical factor to account for when you are looking to increase your Instagram following. Before you set up your online presence, you will first need to understand who your target audience will be. This is key in setting up your online strategy and allows you to focus your marketing efforts on the targeted group.

The Story Of KIA Motors

A great example of this specific targeting can be seen with KIA Motors. When entering the Indian market, the brand shifted its focus from a more family-oriented crowd to a more enthusiast millennial crowd. With over 312k followers only on its Indian page, KIA was able to successfully breach the barrier between cost and sophistication for the youth of the country. This helped them enter the Indian market with a bang and became an instant hit.

4. Leverage Instagram Stories: Instagram stories are an effective way of engaging with new users on the platform and interest them in your brand. Shorts are effectively brief video clips that you can post on your profile. Many businesses have effectively used Instagram stories to reel in new followers. With videos being a highly engaging medium and people now having short attention spans, Instagram shorts has truly brought the best of both worlds for the users.

The Story of Everlane

One of the biggest success stories to leverage Instagram stories to their advantage was the apparel brand Everlane. Long before, Instagram Shorts was a thing, Everlane was able to build a strong userbase on Snapchat and were easily able to port in their success when they started using Instagram stories. They use Instagram stories to share the quality of their products, behind the scenes into the life of the employees, and much more to add a bit of personal touch to their online presence.

They also go deep on the production process and the origins of the raw materials as well so that users have a sense of trust in their transparency which builds a deeper bond and reinforces the brand identity.

5. Leverage Instagram Influencers: Instagram influencers can be highly helpful in establishing your online presence. The benefit of flaunting a large following is that new users are less reluctant to get their hands on your products or avail of any service you have to offer. Instagram influencers have a proven user base that they can promote your products or services. Just look out for a relevant influencer that has an audience you would like to reach out to. Though they charge according to the size of their following, spending a few bucks is well worthwhile.

The Story of Dbrand

Dbrand is one of the most prominent names to come to mind when we think of leveraging influencers. For those who don’t know, Dbrand is one of the leading manufacturers of covers and skins for electronic devices like laptops and smartphones. The brand has been actively seeking out tech influencers and sponsoring them in an attempt to market its products. And this has proved to be quite successful and Dbrand is now considered to be one of the, if not, the only de-facto brands for skins and covers for your electronic devices.

Starting your own business and establishing a strong online base on Instagram and other social media platforms is not as simple as it sounds and many have failed to try. If you are looking to start your own business, seeking out expert help is perhaps the best thing you can do. SmartSchool Education offers business consultancy and opportunities for those looking to start their own business.

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