Education Sector In India: 10 Reasons Why You Must Invest In This Sector!

Investing is always a challenging task. With the volatility of the market in the present times, promises of good returns have been diminishing over the years. But some essential markets are resistant to such fluctuations which makes the investment much less risky. The basic approach should be to conduct proper research on the performance of the industry you are willing to invest in. The education sector in India is one of the most resilient industries out there.

Being an essential foundation of human development, the education sector is a profitable venture. The industry was forced to accelerate and adopt digital innovations and many start-ups and newer businesses have the shot at a fruitful future.

With the integration of technology in the education sector and the emergence of the e-learning module, the education sector is one of the most rapidly growing industries which offers guaranteed growth and profit.

Let us take a lot at the top reasons why the education sector is best to invest in 2021.

1. Massive market: India is a populous country with nearly 1.35 billion people calling India their home. The country also has a massive young population under the age of 25 which represents a huge market share in the education sector.

A study in 2016 by Technopak, a leading management consulting firm pointed out that the current education industry is valued at $100 billion which is expected to almost double by the end of 2020. With the pandemic hitting the scene, this prediction has been far exceeded.

2. Substantial user base: With more than 450 million active internet users logged in as of March 2019, the number of internet users in India is only beaten by the Chinese. Early 2019 saw 36 percent internet penetration which is expected to soar to 829 million users by 2021.

The lowering of data prices and smartphones has also enabled the internet to be accessible from rural areas as well. The number of smartphone users is also expected to cross the 859 million mark by 2022 from 468 million in 2017. A sharp increase of 84 percent in just five years. These developments in the country have opened up huge opportunities for investment in the education sector.

3. All-weather industry: Being a key aspect of human development, the education sector is one of the most essential industries that can never be shut down. Even in the time of the pandemic. The education sector had to adapt to the growing digital trend to ensure quality education is imparted to the next generation. Investments in the education sector are always on the safer side due to the stability and demand of the industry. The exponential growth during the pandemic has pointed to the sustainability of the industry.

4. Scalable: Scalability is one of the key characteristics of a successful business model. The education industry allows businesses to have a scalable model which can be expanded and diversified parallel to the growing demand. With the boom of the EdTech sector taking over the academic lives of students, many new businesses have been able to rapidly scale keeping pace with the growing demand.

5. A long-term business model: While most industries tackle projects that are finished in a specific deadline before moving on to the next, the education industry offers a long-term business model. Students start learning from a very early age and school alone takes twelve years to complete. And college after that.

If a student is comfortable with the teaching model that is adopted, the student is most likely to be enrolled till they pass out. Investing in the education sector ensures that all customers have the potential to be a golden goose in the long run. Moreover, word of mouth is a strong influencer and if a student is comfortable with a class, it is most likely all her friends will be joining the class as well.

6. Diversification: The education sector in India offers a lot of scope for diversification. There are various segments your investments can target, starting from kindergarten to the class 12th, as a business owner you will have the ability to target any chosen segment. Also, with innovations in the field of EdTech, the scope for diversifying operations is enormous in the sector.

7. Low investments: Entry into the education industry does not particularly require you to spend a fortune. As the sector boasts quite a low barrier to entry, smaller businesses can also invest in the sector. One of the best ways of entry into the education sector in India is with SmartSchool Education’s franchise model.

8. Great return on your investments: With such a low entry barrier, the education industry is a lucrative option to invest in. Especially if you consider the exponential returns on your investments. With its sustainable nature, your returns are going to be flowing in regularly. As mentioned previously, SmartSchool Education’s franchise model is one of the best ways to enter the education sector in India with a projected monthly income of 2 to 10 lakhs.

9. A noble business model: Teaching and educating is one of the model noble professions out there. Your investments in the sector will encourage further reach and participation to ensure education does not become a luxury that students can’t afford.

10. On the bleeding edge: The education sector in India is constantly experimenting with new and effective ways of delivering education. As schools and universities shut their doors courtesy of the pandemic, education had to be delivered via online channels. This has led to multiple developments in the field to facilitate effective exchange of education.

Newer technologies and innovations have helped the prices to come down and the reach to go up to encourage universal participation in education. SmartSchool Education’s franchise model, armed with its latest digital tools, offers new business owners the perfect chance to be on the bleeding edge of this revolutionary industry and shape the future of the next generation of Indians.

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