Difference Between Democracy and Dictatorship – Class 10 Civics Notes

Which one is Preferable – Democracy and Dictatorship? Let’s find out the difference between democracy and dictatorship.

Democracy means “rule by the people”. All the citizens of the country vote for the candidates who form the government. Every citizen is equal in front of the law and has equal rights and freedoms in the country. Dictatorship means rule by one individual or by one party. The will of the people is not considered and all the decisions are taken solely by one person or one party.

Democracy is always preferable to dictatorship. Democracy gives every individual equal rights and freedoms and does not discriminate. Dictatorship means every person has to obey the laws made by one person or his party. People are not allowed to disagree with any policies of the government.

Democracy enhances the dignity of the individual by giving every person equal treatment. Every individual is equal before the law of the country. No particular religion, race, region, or community is given any special importance. It involves every citizen in the decision-making process. Every citizen has the right to vote and choose his representative in the government.

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