Describe the Role of Citizens in a Democracy: Challenges to Democracy

Describe the Role of Citizens in a Democracy

Human resource is the most important resource of a country. The quality of human resources determines the use of other material resources of a country. The citizens of a country vote in the elections and choose the representatives of the government. Citizens have a very important role in a democracy as they exercise their rights and freedoms and benefit from the democratic setup of the country. Let us learn more and describe the role of citizens in a democracy.

Citizens need to be active and participatory in nature. They have to be aware of their rights and duties and should be willing to perform their duties. They need to be well-informed about the affairs and issues facing the country. They need to play their role in maintaining the law and order in the country.

A citizen should also have consideration for other people’s needs and interests. Acts and laws of Parliament are not sufficient to sustain democracy in the country. For a vibrant, healthy, and strong democracy, citizens have to be concerned and interested in the public affairs of the country and should be willing to perform their duties also.

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