Pressure Groups: Difference Between a Pressure Group and a Political Party

What is a Pressure Group/Interest Group? A pressure group is an organized or unorganized body that promotes its particular interests within society. They exert influence on public officials and agencies for their interests. They direct their efforts towards influencing the government policies and forming public opinion. They do not aim to share political power. These … Read more

Interest Groups: What are Public Interest Groups? – Class 10

What are Interest Groups? An interest group is a group that seeks to encourage or prevent changes in the country’s policies without getting elected. They either work to promote a particular policy of the government or protest against the policy of the government depending on their interests. Thus pressure groups or interest groups are those … Read more

Democratic Participation: Direct and Indirect – Class 10

Types of participation in democracy Democracy calls for involving every citizen in the decision-making process. In a democracy, every citizen chooses their representative through the process of elections. The elected representatives make policies on the behalf of the people. Sometimes the people like the policies and favor them and at other times people don’t approve … Read more

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