Best Online Learning App – Studynlearn Learning App With 31 Amazing Features!

Who says learning has to be boring. With StudynLearn, an online learning app, children can enjoy learning and will wait for the next class eagerly. The education sector of the country has seen rapid growth during the pandemic, triggering schools and universities around the nation to shut their doors. Taking advantage of the void and the demand for alternatives, the e-learning module has seen rapid expansions.

“True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

With tons of businesses competing for the center stage with their educational apps, the StudynLearn Learning app has become the staple e-learning app for kids all over our country offering the best online learning platform. In the following sections, we will be looking at the e-learning app in detail and how it has become one of the top choices for students all over the nation.

StudynLearn makes the learning experience much for fun and enjoyable for the kids which ensures an efficient and impactful model of learning through its online classes app. Some of the features on offer from StudynLearn Learning App which makes it one of the best learning apps includes the following:

1. 2D and 3D animated lectures and classes:

Classes don’t have to be boring. While many students dread their next class, StudynLearn’s online learning platform has enabled learning to become a fun exercise to become one of the best learning apps in the nation. Students are taught important concepts and chapters with the help of animated lectures which makes the classes much more interesting and relatable for the students.

This adoption of the visual model has helped StudynLearn to enhance the learning experience through their online classes app making it worthwhile for both the students and their parents.

2. Personalised learning:

Every child learns at a different pace and StudynLearn acknowledges it with their personalized learning feature on their e-learning app. Each student is taken care of individually and study routines and schedules are created by the experts to ensure no child is left behind.

From personalized learning plans to doubt clearing sessions, StudynLearn has made e-learning accessible and fruitful for all ensuring it becomes one of the best learning apps for students.

3. Dedicated mentor:

Each child on the StudynLearn Learning app gets the utmost care and guidance that they deserve. Each student is paired with a dedicated mentor who will be taking care of and guiding them throughout their learning experience. This allows the students to get in touch with their mentor any time of the day to clear any doubts or answer any questions.

A dedicated mentor ensures that each student is completely taken care of making StudynLearn the best learning app for students.

4. Doubt Solving Feature:

Doubts should never be a part of anyone’s life and especially not in academics. Doubts can result in the hindrance of the learning process of a child and can give birth to misconceptions in young minds of the students Apart from the dedicated mentor support, StudynLearn has been offering students with exclusive doubt solving feature which the students can take advantage of at any time of the day.

This has made learning a much easy experience on StudynLearn’s online class app since students can now easily get their doubts cleared thanks to the StudynLearn Learning app’s extensive and comprehensive doubt solving feature.

5. Concept-based learning:

Learning is not about memorizing entire chapters just to answer the questions at the end of the chapter. It is much more than just excelling in your tests. Learning and not memorizing is the key. When students learn with StudynLearn’s online education app, concept-based learning ensures the maximum retention of the learned subjects. This unique approach has helped StudynLearn to be placed among the top ten apps in the kids learning app niche.

With the help of animated lectures and classes, foundational concepts are always made crystal clear that helps them understand and learn ideas and lessons much faster and more efficiently which helps them to cut away from memorizing all the questions and answers since they have become quite fluent with the concept already on StudynLearn’s online learning platform.

6. Faster and better Learning:

All these features have enabled StudynLearn’s kids learning app to become the number one choice for the students. Efficient learning techniques and innovative education delivery have made learning on StudynLearn online learning platform much more efficient which the students are able to better retain.

When students learn with fun, learning becomes less of a chore and more of an interest which is greatly helpful in inoculating better values in a child making StudynLearn one of the best learning apps in India.

7. Preparation and practices:

StudynLearn’s online study app offers students a plethora of preparation and practice materials that students can utilize to better sharpen their newly acquired knowledge making it the best learning app for students. Practice makes a man perfect and this is truer than ever.

With daily practice and problem-solving, ideas and bits of knowledge are sharpened in the mind of the students making way for an efficient learning cycle. With StudynLearn’s online learning platform, students can log in at any time to their accounts and choose from a comprehensive list of practice materials and assignments.

The StudynLearn Learning app is the only platform that offers content that is approved by the CBSE which further adds to the credibility of the platform which has helped them cater to the learning needs of more than 100000 students, making StudynLearn a staple name among the young learners and their parents and a great CBSE learning app.

The online education app is easily available on both the Play Store as well as the App Store for Apple and is completely free to download with a free seven-day premium trial that will help make better decisions and be a part of the best learning app in India.

With more than 50,000 individual unique academic modules StudynLearn’s academic modules have proved to be a great benchmark for over 6000 schools that use similar modules which makes the classes offered by StudynLearn’s online education app completely relevant.

A repository of over a lakh questions and assignments had made sure that students never run out of new questions to practice and sharpen their skills to help Studynlearn one of the best learning apps in India.

8. 3D/4D (Anchor along with 3D based) Animated modules:

As discussed in the previous sections, learning needs to be fun in order to appeal to young minds. Animated modules featured on the learning app for kids enable to keep learning fun along with jovial anchors to cheer up the child and deliver quality education for all. Animated sections also help to keep the sessions interactive and engaging for the students.

StudynLearn Learning app has put a special emphasis on the visual mode of learning since as discussed it has proved to be one of the most efficient and effective learning methods making it one of the top ten apps in the online study app category.

9. Ask a doubt Feature:

This feature has proved to be a key feature in many educational apps and has proven to be a lifesaver on multiple occasions for students when they are stuck with any problem. Doubts should never hinder the learning process and eliminating doubts is critical in young minds to better understand the concepts and implement them in their life.

When stuck at any point of the lesson, it is quite important to clarify the doubts and StudynLearn’s Ask a Doubt feature has got you covered on their online learning app. Simply refer to the feature and students can get their doubts cleared in an instant helping them learn from the best and leave behind any doubt that might hinder the progress of a lesson.

10. Bilingual learning:

Language should never be a barrier when learning. That is why StudynLearn’s online learning app has a bilingual interface to ensure students from every part of the nation can be a part of the e-learning revolution with the best learning app in India.

Every class and lesson is offered in dual languages for maximum inclusion of students making sure that no one is left behind owning to their language abilities and therefore making learning on the platform accessible for everyone on the online study app.

11. Quizzes with a time limit and review options:

With the StudynLearn Learning App, students can very easily simulate their testing environment. Striving to become one of the best learning apps for students, StudynLearn’s online learning platform incorporates quizzes and gives the option to review the answers. Using timed quizzes will help students make the most of their time during their tests helping them to solve the maximum number of questions within the given time span.

Quizzes can immensely help the students to best utilize their time and make amendments to accommodate further questions as well. Timed quizzes help to replicate the test environment for the students helping them to overcome their anxiety of finishing on time.

After taking the quizzes, students also will have access to review their results and learn from any mistakes that they might have committed. Reviewing the quizzes on StudynLearn’s online study app will better help students figure out their shortcomings and work on them accordingly proving to be a great performance gauge.

12. Exams with an All India Rank feature:

All the students on StudynLearn Learning app are pitted against every other student from different parts of the country. Securing a good rank on a national average is not quite easy and better ranks will help to encourage students and also give them an opportunity to be ranked among the brightest minds in the country helping to instill massive confidence boost in the students.

An All India Ranking also gives the student and their parents a clear picture of where they stand in the national average. When getting good ranks, students will be automatically encouraged to study harder to get even better ranks. StudynLearn’s learning app’s All India Rank feature is a great testament to the growth and development of the students.

13. History Timeline and great personalities:

StudynLearn’s kids learning app offers a comprehensive roadmap of the student’s progress over time. This helps parents get a bigger picture of how well their child has been performing. The timeline featured on StudynLearn’s educational app will reflect the marks as well as the improvements done by the students over time giving them a better idea of where they stand.

StudynLearn also features some of the most well-known teachers and educators from the country to revolutionize the way education is delivered making them a formidable opponent to competing for educational apps in the market. With unique teaching methods and interactive sessions, students are sure to get the best of the learning with StudynLearn’s online class app.

14. Complete Usage Report Tracking:

Just as the students are provided with an awesome and informative timeline of their progress, parents can also check out the complete usage report tracking for the app allowing them the best insight on their child’s performance on StudynLearn’s learning app for kids.

The online learning platform offers complete analytics that has helped parents to visualise the improvement of their child thanks to innovative data model and statistics to help parents stay up to date with the progress of their ward giving them full peace of mind.

Parents can now easily track the performance making way for a completely transparent model of education offering the most trust and accountability on the nest learning app in India.

15. Sample paper and HOTS question:

Higher Order Thinking Skills or HOTS is quite a relatively new concept in educational reforms. Based on the taxonomies bloom, this concept works on developing the understanding of the students based on their own learning style allowing them to be better trained to tackle creative, innovative and critical thinking.

In other words, HOTS questions help develop skills that involve learning that is not only limited to mere comprehension. Also, sample papers ready the students to tackle their tests more easily and with much more confidence. These sample papers should be regularly visited and solved to ensure students are always ready for their next surprise test. StudynLearn’s online study app offers access to several HOTS questions and sample papers that the students can practice from making it one of the best online learning apps.

16. Interactive games:

There might be absolutely no child that enjoys playing. When given the choice between playing and studying, a child will always choose play over study. So, what if we combine the two and make learning more fun. With the StudynLearn Learning app, students can access a plethora of interactive games on their online learning platform which helps to hone their skills or polish the new concepts that they have learned.

When students enjoy learning, it when education is most effective. Interactive games ensure students get visual cues to remember the lessons or the concepts to retain them for a lifetime. Combining play and learn has enabled StudynLearn’s e-learning app to train some of the youngest minds in the country and empower the next generation of Indian citizens.

17. Previous Year Question Papers of Olympiads:

Olympiads are quite common in schools nowadays. These tests are a means for students to compete with others on a similar level of education. These exams promote the learning of several subjects like English, maths, science and many more.

At StudynLearn’s online education app, students will have access to previous year question papers of different Olympiad exams to help them practice and understand the significance and importance of these Olympiads. Since top talents are recognized in these tests, Olympiads motivate the students to better perform every time and also boost self-confidence in students to compete on a national level.

18. Special Learning Zone for Dyslexia students:

Learning has to be accessible to all. Dyslexia is one of those rare disorders that inhibits a child’s ability to learn at a normal pace like the other kids. This does not mean they lose the ability to learn, but they require greater care in understanding their needs so as to better facilitate towards diminishing their shortcomings. While there are tons of students suffering from dyslexia and other learning disabilities, learning can be a big challenge for them to overcome.

With StudynLearn Learning App’s dedicated learning zone, courses are handcrafted and curated by the top experts from around the country to provide a comprehensive teaching module to help these beautiful minds learn better by overcoming all and any challenges, making them battle-ready for the world they grow up in allowing it to be one of the best learning apps for students.

19. General Knowledge Section:

Fun facts and trivia are always exciting and appealing. Not all lessons should be based on specific chapters from a subject. Some facts are just fun to know. Plus, it is quite important to be updated on the current trends and other trivia to be relevant with the progressing times. Learn more with StudynLearn’s educational app’s general knowledge section that keeps the students updated on the current events and general knowledge facts that they should know.

Compiling some of the most essential facts a child should be aware of, the general knowledge section is a complete solution and a window to what is happening all over the world.

20. Real Life Videos:

What is better than animated videos? Real-life videos, of course! When students learn the visual way, learning becomes much more effective and the lessons are more easily retained. Apart from fine animated explainer videos and classes, StudynLearn’s e-learning app’s video sections also feature tons of real-life videos that the students can learn from.

Dedicated anchors and live demonstrations of key concepts by some of the best educators from around the nation help to learn to be much more interactive than simply reading out what is in the textbooks. While textbook reading is also important, learning has much more effective when it is delivered via a visual aid keeping the process much more exciting and fun for the learners on the best learning app in India.

21. SmartSchool Lab (Science Experiment):

Experiments are always fun. There are several pieces of research that have found that experiments are one of the best learning methods that ensure concepts and ideas are retained. Subjects like science, computers, etc require experimental learning for better conceptualizing the theories learned in the books. This is much truer in higher classes since concepts of chemistry, physics, biology, geography, etc warrant experiments to be conducted in dedicated labs where the students can participate and learn the application of the theories and understand how it works. But locked at homes, students are barely getting to experiment in their school’s labs.

That does not mean your child should be losing out on the practical classes that they always used to enjoy. With StudynLearn e-learning App, students now have access to SmartSchool Lab where they can visit a seemingly endless list of science labs where they can participate and watch theories turn into practical scenarios which better help them retain the concepts. Your child will never forget a formula or theory with the StudynLearn Learning app making them a permanent contender among the top ten apps among other educational apps.

22. Toppers answers:

Here at StudynLearn, students will have access to answers of all the toppers for their classes to take reference from. With tons of pdfs uploaded to the platform, students can log in to their accounts and understand both the questions asked in the test and how to optimally answer them.

23. The blue tick feature:

Each of the modules on StudynLearn comes with the feature of a blue tick which denotes 100 percent completion of the course. In case a student skips sections of a lesson or a segment, the modules do not get a blue tick denoting inconsistency in their lesson.

24. Learning through Diagrams:

Several subjects like biology, physics, etc rely on diagrams to show certain concepts like cell structure, electrical circuits, etc. These diagrams help visually confirm concepts and lessons in the minds of the students and StudynLearn is not alien to the fact of the importance of diagrams. The e-learning app is full of functional diagrams and charts that the students can learn from. So next time you are confused about the cell structure of a plant vs a human, head to StudynLearn to clear up any doubts.

25. Map work:

Subjects like geography and history offer a lot of map pointing exercises for the students to go through. Map pointing helps to sharpen the geographical skills among students. StudynLearn offers a lot of map pointing exercises that students can practice based on their lessons, making them ready for any test at school.

26. Online/Offline content:

StudynLearn is perfectly aware of the bandwidth restrictions in the country. From limited daily data packs to poor connectivity of the internet, there can be several challenges to online education delivery. To combat the problem, StudynLearn has offered an offline module that the students can learn from. Simply download your classes in advance to your device and take your classes any time of the day without having to worry about the internet.

27. Performance analysis and feedbacks:

Mentors and teachers will help in analyzing your child’s performance while guiding him through the process of learning. The conclusion of each module will produce a complete analysis chart of the child’s performance throughout the course of the lesson for better understanding as well as proving feedback on the scopes for improvement on how to improve performance in the weak sections.

28. Every type of question, answered:

School tests often contain a variety of questions ranging from multiple-choice questions to short answers to long answers. Each of these types, commands a different weightage in the paper and is equally important to practice before the test. At StudynLearn, students have access to all types of questions and their answers so they are better prepared for any format of test that is thrown their way.

29. Formulae Master (Math Formulae):

We all used to dread those extra-long maths formulae that we had to keep in mind for specific chapters. Sections of trigonometry, geometry, statistics, calculus, etc involve complex formulas to be remembered in order to successfully traverse the questions and these formulas often ended up being a nightmare for students in their school years. Not anymore with StudynLearn’s online educational app.

With the StudynLearn Learning app’s formulae master for maths, students can easily memorize and remember key formulas allowing them to better implement them in solving the questions. From visualizing formulas to comprehensive derivations of complex formulas, StudynLearn Learning app’s formulae master is the perfect way of getting familiar with the formula making the learning process much more fun and interactive for the learners even for the most complex chapters that one can dread on the best online learning app.

30. Fully Solved NCERT Books:

Textbooks have always been an integral part of the school curriculum and NCERT books are one of the most prevalent textbooks to be taught in Indian schools. Offering a great quality textbook with affordable options has made NCERT books a staple among schools across the nations especially the ones affiliated with CBSE.

While growing up many have learned from these textbooks as well. Textbooks are also equally important since schools very much rely on textbooks to deliver education and these books have been curated in a fun and colorful way to encourage more readers across all ages.

As we grow up, the textbooks seem to get fatter and fatter and we start dreading just looking at it. Textbooks should not have to be intimidating at all. With completely solved NCERT textbooks, consulting and taking guidance with StudynLearn’s CBSE learning app becomes a breeze.

Now take advantage of the huge plethora of solved textbooks, eliminating just another hurdle from your way. Cross-checking answers after completing the assignments with the solved versions is a great way to boost productivity and improve on the lessons learned, helping students perform better at school.

31. Scholar Zone (IIT foundation questions):

The Indian Institute of Technology is perhaps the most coveted educational institution in our nation which holds its flair even on the global level. With low acceptance rates and high requirements for admissions, the IITs around the country offer the finest education enabling students a huge opportunity in the job market after finishing college. However, the severity of the entrance exam has discouraged many from getting a chance to be a part of this institute.

To get started, students will need to get prepared from quite an early stage in their school especially from class 8 and above. Being in a rigid curriculum to cater to the IIT entrance exams is key if one wants to keep on their aspirations of being in the IIT.

With the StudynLearn Learning app’s scholar zone, students can access several IIT foundational courses and be mentored by some of the biggest names to come out of the IITs. With a head start thanks to the dedicated scholar zone of StudynLearn, your child will be on the fast track for an IIT admission on the best online learning app.

With tons of features and a unique learning experience, tap into the magical learning journey with StudynLearn Learning App. Visit Studynlearn today to experience the magic of the best learning app for students.

Download the free app from Studynlearn- Learning App for KG – XII – Apps on Google Play and get started with a free trial of the online study app to give your child the best shot at learning from the best educators in the nation.

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