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Online education is defined as ‘electronic learning’ which uses the Internet to facilitate teacher-student communication and the distribution of study materials. Let us learn about the benefits of online education.

What are the benefits of online education?

Online education is not a new concept, for decades it was seen as a supplement to traditional schooling. Though many people were hesitant to embrace it as the new normal, they had no choice but to accept it because it was the only way to escape the massive learning losses that were about to affect the students.

In this blog, we'll look at the top 8 benefits of online education and how they can help to improve the educational system:

1. Revise Lessons

If a student misses a class for any reason, they can make up for it at any time through recorded online lectures. This is not possible in offline classes. When a child is unwell or has an emergency at home in an offline class, they have little choice except to refer to notes given by their classmates or to read from the textbook.

Students benefit from online education since it allows them to minimize learning losses caused by unexpected situations.

2. Saves Time

One of the major benefits of online education is that it eliminates the need for travel. It not only saves time, but it also saves the energy that students expend getting to and from school. Certainly, the peer learning kids receive in school is crucial, but on the plus side, online learning saves many children at least 1-2 hours of travel effort and time. This time may be spent doing anything else, such as playing or sleeping.

Even for teachers, online education cuts down on time spent on manual activities like collecting attendance. The teacher does not need to spend 10-15 minutes calling out everyone’s name in order to keep the track of daily attendance.

3. Accessibility has improved

Quality education is no longer limited to the greatest schools and metro areas, thanks to online learning. Students from tier 2 or 3 towns can now receive the same high-quality education from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to online education. This goes a long way toward reducing India’s educational disparities.

As previously stated, students who are unable to attend sessions on a regular basis are not required to miss out on the lessons. To catch up, they can always go back to the recordings or other study materials. This is especially true for students who get sick frequently or who are unable to attend class on a regular basis due to extracurricular activities such as sports practice.

4. Teachers have access to high-quality resources and tools

Online education enables teachers to access a variety of resources to choose from and teach from. StudynLearn contains 2D-3D videos, animated digital content, and interactive tools such as quizzes, exercises, and games to help students learn better. Teachers can utilize these resources to upgrade their teaching style to boost student's over

5. The student app keeps parents and instructors in touch.

StudynLearn app keeps students and parents in touch, whether it is managing attendance, tracking performance, marking attendance, or collecting assignments, teachers can do it all. Administrative tasks at the school are efficiently managed.

6. The progress of students can be tracked in real-time

StudynLearn allows teachers to track students’ progress, get real-time access to the insights of students’ performance. With the help of online education, it is possible to monitor students’ performance in less time and determine improvements in study patterns that need to be made to improve the students’ performance.

7. Easy fee collection

Online payments are hassle-free and it eliminates the need to wait, get in line, and call for payment submission. Integration of payment gateways ensures better and timely fee collection which boosts school growth.

8. Easy Environment For Students

Many students in classrooms are nervous about speaking in front of others. It is much easier to share thoughts with others in an online environment.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, online education tends to generate better class engagement, with 74 percent of people suffering from speech anxiety.

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