Know the Challenges Your Child might be Facing - Studynlearn Parenting Webinar

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Know the Challenges Your Child might be Facing - Studynlearn Parenting Webinar

Know the Challenges Your Child might be Facing! The Prime Focus of “Studynlearn Parenting webinar” is to Help Parents Identify the Study problems their kids are facing but are unable to manage them. The purpose of “Studynlearn Parenting webinar” is to make the parents aware about the reason why their child isn’t studying or focusing on learning. In this Live Webinar, We are trying to help parents recognise the signs their child is showing regarding the study problems he or she is facing and the inability to deal with it, for example if your child is avoiding learning, does not answers and participates in class and gets lower marks then that means he or she is not interested in studies.This Behavioral pattern of avoiding studies, not doing self study and cramming just to get marks affects the learning ability of the Child. To help our Kids Maximise their learning potential we need to deal with their study issues. Parents often have complaints regarding their child’s studies.

Here are the Most common issues Kids face these days:
Every Child is Born Innovative and Creative. Every Child is born with the Capacity to Do Great and Be Great!! With time, we also bound our child’s capabilities by restricting him to only focus only on grades, which results in cramming concepts and not learning them. This Pattern of cramming it all restricts your child’s growth. Likewise, Ignoring your child’s study issues can have a negative impact on your child’s life and the way your child sees himself.

  1. Loss of Interest in Studies.
  2. Low Self Esteem which Stops Students to ask questions which consequently leave them puzzled about the concept.
  3. Inability to Understand difficult concepts which is mostly due to weak fundamentals.
  4. Inability to Focus for Longer time duration or Short attention Span.
  5. Lack of Self Study.
  6. Learning Disorders like dyslexia and ADHD, which is quite common and can be overcome with the right teaching technique.
  7. Kids Get Bored while Studying.
  8. Inability to Retain Information for a longer time which affects the child’s performance in class.
  9. Lack of Motivation for School, Homeworks or assignments.

Every Student has unique abilities but their thinking patterns and learning styles differ. Some Students Learn Faster with Books and Some Ace their Tests by visualizing the concept and practically doing it. After attending our FREE Webinar, you will get to know “Why doesn’t your Child want to Study?” and you will understand what your child’s study needs are.

Recognising and addressing your Child’s study needs at the right time is necessary to help him or her Improve his or her Academic Performance and Be Confident in Life.

So, Let’s Talk about Your Child’s Study issues and get to the root of the problem and solve it!!

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