Idioms, meanings and their sentences - Section 3

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Idioms, meanings and their sentences - Section 3

1. Put the cat among pigeons- To do or say something that makes others angry or uncomfortable.

He has the habit of putting cats among pigeons by insulting others in front of his house.

2. Point finger at- To blame someone

You should not point your finger at someone without knowing the truth.

3. Pour out one’s heart- to expose your feelings

I finally planned to pour my heart out before she leaves out of the country.

4. Swallow your pride- To do something even at the stake of self-respect

I had to swallow my pride and work in this office for a year.

5. Raining cats and dogs- raining heavily

Do not go outside! It is raining cats and dogs!

6. Read between the lines- to understand the inner meaning or feelings of someone from what they say or write

If you do not read between the lines, you will never be able to know what he feels he have for you.

7. Beat a retreat- to come out from an unpleasant situation

As soon as I noticed my ex-husband, I beat a quick retreat!

8. Go through the roof- to have high expectations or to reach extreme heights

Onion prices have gone through the roof.

9. Rub salt on someone’s wounds- To make a bad thing worse

I didn’t realize that my boss will rub salt on my wounds by giving promotion to my juniors.

10. Shut one’s eye to- Reject to perceive.

You just can’t shut your eyes because you don’t want to deal with it.

11. Allow the dust to settle- To allow a situation to cool down after a period of turmoil.

The student unions are getting angry because of the faculty problems. The principal allowed the dust to settle so that things can be sorted out.

12. Take the word out of somebody’s mouth- To say something which the other person also wanted to say.

A: Hey! We should leave the party before 9 pm?

B! Oh yes! You just took the word out of my mouth! I was about to ask you the same thing.

13. A shot in the dark- To make a guess

I never thought that this answer would be correct. I just made a shot in the dark!

14. Call the shots- to be the boss/ to be in command

Michael will soon be the boss and will have the power to call the shots.

15. Head and shoulders above- To be superior to

Richard is head and shoulders above Michael. Isn’t it?

16. Put to sleep- To help a child to sleep

I’ll cook lunch for us after putting our daughter to bed.

17. Put something to sleep- To make some go to sleep means to kill someone to relieve him/her from pain and agony. This is usually done by the veterinarian.

The veteran had to push injection to put the cat to sleep as it was suffering from cancer.

18. Save your skin- To save yourself from an unsafe situation rather than thinking about others.

The witness gave the wrong evidence to save his skin.

19. Have a thick skin- It means to remain unaffected by criticisms

We need to have a thick skin in order to be a successful person.

20. Start with a clean slate- To new beginnings/ to start afresh forgetting all that the bad that has happened in the past.

There has been a lot of misunderstanding between us, let us start with a clean slate!

21. No smoke without fire- If there are rumors about something or someone, there must be some reason for the rumor.

He must have done something or else there would have no smoke without fire.

22. Throw a spanner in the work- To create problems in a project

Our boss doesn’t want to involve the other teams in this project. Last time we had to face a lot of problems because they threw spanner on our plans.

23. Wear several hats- to function more than in one-ways

It is not possible for me to wear several hats as of now.

24. Spill the bean-To unintentionally reveal a secret

It is not possible for the professor to know about our plans. I am sure someone from our group has spilled the bean.

25. Steal the show- To receive lots of compliments or attention in a show.

The Bangladeshi contestants stole the show on the very first day of the music audition.

26. Blow someone’s cover- To reveal the identity of a person and the things he/she is doing.

The police had to search his house for two consecutive days to blow his cover.

27. Leave no stone unturned- It means to try out everything that is possible in order to achieve your goals

I left no stone unturned to get admission in IIT Kharagpur.

28. A bitter pill to swallow- Something that is difficult to be accepted but it has to be accepted anyhow.

Death is inevitable and a bitter pill to swallow.

29. Show someone the door- Ask someone to leave

I hope your teacher doesn’t show you the door just because of such a small mistake.

30. Turn the tables on somebody- To have control on someone who had been in a superior position

The opponent party was able to turn the tables on the majority party by showing the downfall in the economy of the last few years.

31. Keep one’s words- To keep one’s promise

He is a man of his words. If he says, he will keep his word, he will definitely do that.

32. Can’t make head and tail of something- Not being able to understand something

I am not being able to make head and tail of this prose.

33. Lose your temper- to get angry

The teacher lost his temper because the students were making noise.

34. through thick and thin- during good and bad times

You are one such friend who has been with me through thick and thin.

35. Test waters- It means to check how people accept your ideas before launching it.

The scientists are trying to test waters before releasing the news to the public.

36. Thorn in your flesh- A thing or a person that troubles you continuously

I just cannot tolerate you anymore. You have been a thorn in my flesh for a very long time.

37. Turn the tide- Reverse the movement of actions

The layers turned the tide in the second half of the game.

38. On top of the world- Feeling extremely happy

I was on top of the world because I got the job which I always dreamt of.

39. Try someone’s patience- To test someone’s patience

Do not try his patience! He is a very short-tempered guy.

40. Change hands- from one owner to the other

This property has changed hands quite a few times.

41. Wash dirty linen in public- To discuss those matters in public which should have been kept secret/private.

Both the students accused each other as a cheater and in the process washed dirty linen in public.

42. Have one’s hands full- To be busy

Please do not disturb me now. My hands are full.

43. White elephant- Something that needs too much care and maintenance

The palace near the beachside has become a white elephant for the working staff.

44. Be off the mark- Something that is not on point/inaccurate

The grounds on which he criticized his friend were absolutely off the mark.

45. Wild goose chase- Chasing something that doesn’t have any existence

Finding the gold ring inside the storeroom proved to be a wild goose chase.

46. Eat like a bird- To eat very little

How will you gain weight if you eat like a bird?

47. Kill two birds with one stone- To achieve two things with one single effort

I have been able to kill two birds with one stone by completing a post-graduation diploma on one hand and Master on the other hand.

48. In cold blood- someone who has fewer emotions and sentiments

The murder was done in cold blood inside the hotel premises

49. Behind one’s back- doing something or saying something in secrecy. This is usually used in a negative sense.

Talking behind one’s back is not a good manner.

50. Stab someone in the back- To hurt someone who trusts you

People are becoming selfish and it has become a new trend to stab someone’s back for personal gains.