How to Succeed at School and Become a Good Student?

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How to Succeed at School and Become a Good Student?

Most of us have this belief that good students study all the time, they do everything the teacher says and stay disciplined. Let me tell you that this mindset is not true at all, then how do they get straight “A’s” in all the Subjects? The answer lies in their strategy! Good students make planning, they define their study strategy well so that even if they study around 2 hours daily and play rest of the day, they are going to rank high in examinations. Consistency is studying helps students score high in examinations. On the other hand, most students wait for the examinations to come over their head to start studying, consequently they panic during examinations. Covering the complete syllabus a few weeks before exams is impossible without the right strategy.

Here are 10 great tips for students to succeed at school without studying hard.

1. Do Not Wait to Start: Successful students do not wait for teachers, parents or any other person to come and motivate them to study. They take the responsibility of their work. They know no one is going to study and perform well for them. They don’t wait for examination days to prepare for it instead good students study daily with self discipline. Students who wait for their mood to study always end up unprepared and panicking during exams.

2. Revision: Learning Concepts is not enough, revising them with proper notes and summaries at regular intervals is also important to enforce the concept in our mind. To properly revise you need to make notes, notes are small summaries of what you have learned so far. You can make your notes in your own way, for example some make their notes by mind mapping, bullet points, diagrams, or flowcharts. To retain information, write the concepts down.

3. Practise: Set Your Daily Objective and make it time bound. Practice MCQs, Short Answers, and Long Answers so at the examination you can complete writing the answers in time. Practice your viva, make your friend, sibling or parent ask you questions, try to answer them confidently. To reduce the panic during viva or at the exam hall, you need to know that you are fully prepared and you have learned everything required with clarity. Practice helps you improvise your progress; it sheds light on what you need to focus on. Test Yourself after each practice, find out your mistakes and improve them,

4. Focus Better: You need to have good concentration to study effectively; developing concentration isn’t easy with all the distractions playing around you. You need to switch off the distractions like TV, Mobile Phones, Video Games and Netflix. In case you are learning online, make sure you block notifications from Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites so that you are not prompt to scroll feeds for hours because of one notification.

5. Believe in Yourself: Smart and Intelligent students are not born that way! They develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills with the help of educational, innovative and creative materials around them. You too can become very innovative and intelligent once you start questioning things, be curious enough to seek answers to your questions. Be Bold enough to ask questions, Even if there is a possibility that other students or teachers may find your question stupid but ask any way! This way You will help yourself overcome the hesitation and become confident. With Practice you will be able to ask insightful questions.

6. Take Breaks: Do you think toppers study 18 hours a day? No they don’t! They can’t! Human body has its own limitations. After a certain time your brain will be overwhelmed with loads of extra information. Taking Breaks is necessary to keep a good level of concentration. Breaks allow your brain to process the information and store it. Taking some time to relax refreshes your body and Brain. Study in short blocks of time and take breaks within them for example you can study for 40- 45 minutes and take 10- 15 minutes break following your study time. Start learning again once your fun time is over. It is not the amount of time that matters when you are studying or preparing for your exam, instead it is about the quality of time which you dedicate in your study.

Studying for 3 hours with a high level of focus and efficiency is better than just reciting, cramming and looking at the words for 5 hours with a distracted mind!

7. Keep up with the dates of your Class Test, Assignment Submission, Deadlines, Project Submission and important dates and days of the year:

Mark important dates and deadlines on your calendar or in your phone in Google calendar to keep their track and never miss out! When you keep the track of your deadlines, you can prepare your assignments and projects with more precision, perfection and creativity! You will get more time to do research, collect data, analyze them and create great quality work.

8. Take Care of Your Body: Ever noticed those Bourn vita and Drinking Fruit Juice ads? Have you observed why they show that a child, who takes proper nutrition, gets ahead of others faster? Taking care of your body and brain increases your efficiency, a proper balanced diet is necessary to keep you in shape and boost you for the whole day! Take plenty of Vitamins, minerals and proteins through Eggs, vegetables, Fruits, Meat and Fish. Drink plenty of water. Try to avoid Junk foods at all times to stay healthy and fit. Exercise regularly, go for a walk, or jog but do some physical exercise daily. Stay Active and Healthy!

9. Spend Some “Me Time”: Studying with discipline doesn’t mean there should not be any fun! Listen to Music, Dance, participate in different activities, develop fun hobbies, try board games, indoor and outdoor games, and watch your favorite sci-fi series or movies. Do what you actually want to do in your free time! No Books, No study at all while you play. Explore and Enjoy with friends, go out, and have fun.

10. Get Good at Managing Stress: A lot happens in our day to day lives. Life is Unpredictable; things may not turn out the way you want. During these times, you need to stay vigilant of your emotions, you need to look at your thoughts, let them pass without letting it affect you. Do not take things personally. Take lessons from your failure; stay calm during rough times because only a stable mind can think for the right solution. Look up to your parents, teachers or any one whom you think would listen to you without judging you, talk to them and share your problems.

To Conclude, You need to be a Learner, a seeker of knowledge to be a good student! Good students always succeed at school because they stay organized, manage their time well, and participate in different activities just to learn and get a variety of learning experience. It is never about the grades, it is about how you bounce back after getting the bad grade! How much effort are you able to put in to achieve your goals? Are you willing to learn and improve? If yes! Then nothing can stop you from succeeding at school.