How to improve my child’s reading and writing skills?

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How to improve my child’s reading and writing skills?

“No one is perfect, that’s why pencils have erasers”. Have you understood what this statement means? In this universe, no one is born a genius who can do anything or is perfect whatever you share with them. Then how can you expect this from a child to be smart in every activity?

Like we saw many children are not good in their writing skills or in reading skills. Being a parent, it’s time not to scold and help them in this process. Well, we decided to enlist some of the points which enable you to know how to improve a child’s reading and writing skills.

1. Read what they write every day

We will start with the basic and the first strategy for you is to read everything they write every day. It’s not like only teachers have to focus on what a child is doing or what he/she writes every day. As a parent, whenever you return back to home, take some time and spend it reading whatever your child writes. Also, make sure to check each sentence and if there is a need to change something then suggest them.

2. Provide every material for their creative writing

If your child wants complete privacy when they write something or doing their homework then please make sure to entail other material for them. The writing area of your child should be included with a journal or book, pencil, pen, age-appropriate dictionary for their assistance, a bookshelf for keeping the motivation books, and much more. Such materials aid them to focus more and for sure they can improve their writing skills.

3. Allow your child to choose books

This is one of the effective strategies for you to improve the reading skills of your child. When you take them to the library, allow them to select the book of their favorite author. This is important because they will read every page of that book with full interest.

Don’t put a burden like choose this or that. The result would be they will not read and the reading will become a chore.

4. Tell them to read aloud

You can do this experiment at home and we are sure that you will get the answer to why we are sharing this point. Whenever a child is with you and reading something then tell him/her to read aloud. Reading aloud helps them to better understand the topic they are reading in front of their parents. Suppose if your child is struggling to read a story or any sentence then encourage them to read aloud. One of the most special and amazing strategies to improve your child’s reading skills. Hope you will apply it at home.

5. Re-reading is absolutely a great idea

Suppose if your child is reading one sentence and he/she is revisiting that part again because of not reading properly then allow them to do this. Reading the sentence again and again if not speaking properly will help them to get a picture of what he/she is learning. It gives a signal to your child as well that what is coming in the next section of the sentence. Don’t panic if your child is not good at reading something. Time to encourage them and use such exceptional strategies today.

6. Why don’t you play Imaginative games?

Not every parent does this, but you can. It is the best way to improve your child’s writing skills. Encourage your child to write a letter to your near and dear in the way he/she likes. Also, help them to write a “mashup” story about their favorite superstar or favorite cricketer. They will show interest while writing about them. Furthermore, you can suggest them to write about the “whole day”. Like what they did from the starting of the day till the end. They should also include their school life and school friends here. In this way, you can help them make the writing concept more fascinating in their life. Think about it!

7. Arrange a Reading tutor for them

If you think that you don’t have enough time to do this all day. Our suggestion is to arrange a reading tutor for them. Your child needs an extra boost so we guess a reading tutor helps them to do this and swiftly improves their reading skills. The Reading tutors can easily find out the reading problems of your child. Dyslexia is a common problem. Don’t worry the tutor can guide them and help your child to not take the reading concept as a burden in their life.

8. Guide them to plan before writing

Every genius uses this strategy so why not your child? Suppose you suggest a topic to them like “write about your favorite teacher, how she helps you and what you dislike about your teacher”. Encourage your child first to think about what he/she is going to write and make a proper plan.

In Addition to this, tell them to think again about what they are missing or what is the most important point that they should write for sure. In this way, they will curate the ideas in mind and now it will be easy for your child to write. “First think then Write”. One of the best strategies that every author used. But now a child will also apply this strategy to improve their writing skills.