How education can stop the population explosion?

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How education can stop the population explosion?

Population growth trends on the big picture

In the year of 2014, The Journal Science analyzed the data of the United Nations and came up with a conclusion that mainly focused on the exponential population growth happening in this century showing the figures that would be reached till the end of this century. The data clearly showed the statistics that expected the population to come under a range of 9.6 billion to12.3 billion.

There has been an estimation given by the United Nations that showed that the global population would be hitting about 9.1 billion till the mid of the century. The parts of the world it has been increasing with the higher rate in some of the developing countries in the continent Africa as well as the sub-continents of southeastern Asia. But, these estimations have been based on the rates of fertility. The fertility rate is measured as the number of babies, a woman gives birth to. And these rates are going beyond the present
rate, especially in the sub-continents of Africa and South-east Asia.

Its relationship with fertility rates

Suppose if each of women giving birth to a child increases its fertility to half a baby, then the global population would be 10.8 billion or higher than that till the mid of this century. On the other hand, imagining if the fertility rates cut down by half a child, then the expected population would be about 7.8 billion. The united nation was able to provide the statistics. Hence, half a baby can make a greater difference that is able to change the scenario of 2050. It means cutting down the fertility rate can reduce the population in such a manner that the population till the half of the century will be three billion lesser than the estimated population. It is quite shocking that this 3 billion was used to be the entire world population in the year of 1960.

Influence of Education on the population explosion and well-being

The population growth can be assumed to be growing in an exponential manner and the way it is growing has amazed the researchers to find out the possible measures that are must to be taken in order to prevent a population explosion.

There was a research paper that was published on July 29 of 2011 that showed that the population explosion can be influenced and can be controlled by the introduction of education but importantly education for females.

Female education

Taking the female education into consideration, this explosive, as well as exponential population growth, can be overcome by encouraging education for females. The world has witnessed much development in various fields, but this thing should be concerned with more emphasis on it asit can have a brilliant impact on the population explosion. All of the females must be given the best of the opportunities so that they will be able to complete the proper education. Many experts have agreed on it as well as supporting the education facilities and opportunities for teenage girls.

Overpopulation and its bad impact on the environment and resources

This population explosion is degrading the well-being of human life and also hampering the environment. The scarcity of natural resources is happening due to the limitation of food, shelter, and water. And due to these limited resources, it led to thinking about limiting the growth. There are so many measures that are being taken to have control over such an explosive trend, but secondary education for female teenagers can be a game-changing solution to it.

Is education the best solution for population explosion?

Indeed raising voices to concern about the proper education for teenage girls can be one of the most important and game-changing factors than can knock out the overpopulation. Hence, each and every one of the developing countries should be paying more attention to putting more and more
efforts so that girls can complete and go beyond their higher secondary education. It would have the capability of cutting down the rates of the
population by 3 billion by the mid of this century.

At present, the global population is about 6.7 billion. If the growth rate follows the same trend, then it would take half a century to reach about 11.9 billion. It has been agreed by many professors and researchers that education can affect the present trend of such explosive population growth. In fact, it motivates in cutting down the fertility rates. As a result of which it would support the survival as well as the proper healthcare for the children.

Education is the best thing one can get, and it has the capability of promoting quality in bringing up children rather than quantity as it is obvious that an educated couple would have the clarity on the best care they can provide to their children. And to make such thing possible each and every couple has to limit the number of children in order to keep it possible to provide the best to their children. In this way, it will be going to reduce the present trend and control the social as well as environmental change for the better.

Planning a small family is also patriotism: PM Narendra Modi

Showing his concern on the population explosion, the prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi affirmed that if every citizen is planning for a small family and he/ she is supporting the patriotism. In fact, it was the very first moment that showed us his concerns regarding the population explosion not only in the country but also across the globe.

He also added that if the population has the well-being and is educated, then the country will be the same. Apart from the other parts of his speech, he shared his thoughts about various issues in the country, doing something on the matter of overpopulation one of his major concern the time he got into power.


As a matter of fact, the population growth is uneven, and it has been growing with a trend that yields the data that shows the possibility of a huge scarcity of the quality of living as well the crisis of the important resources. It ultimately aims to attack the environment and leave it to degrade in such a vigorous manner that our next generation will no longer be enjoying the benefits of all the natural resources and the lifestyle that we have been enjoying and exploiting right now.

Hence, it is crucial for us to adopt all the possibilities and take the measures that can keep a balance to this vigorous and explosive plague of iteration. Of course, providing education that is appropriate can make a huge difference as anything cannot be implemented well without understanding it. The time people figures out, it would be easier to stay on the path that takes us to a better world.

Therefore, this is high time to emphasize on the problem by allowing proper education to the teenagers and complete secondary education for everyone. As understanding the
responsibilities and having a balanced life while pursuing a quality lifestyle can make a huge difference, it can preserve the environmental resources and social values for life.