Concept of education

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Concept of education
The world would have been a further savage place for everyone if the concept of education won’t have been introduced. What makes human beings different from animals is the fact that they are educated and know how to behave and deal with real-life situations wisely rather than wildly.
We shall further discuss more the same in this article-

The true meaning of education- Delving deeper into the ultimate enlightenment!

Education is a term that comes from the Latin word ‘educatum’ which means the act of teaching others for their betterment. In other words, education is a continuous process that helps a man to find the best version of the self. With proper education, good qualities of a man are nourished further to make them stand out in the crowd.

The process of conveying systematic instruction within the closed gates of school and university is known as education. However, the fact is that education cannot be ever limited and it spreads its wings to any interaction that a person has with another person or even with nature. There is a lot to learn from everything in this world. It brings us to the topic-

Beyond booking knowledge and degrees lies the true meaning of education.

Abiding by the ethical values of the society and being a person who is loved by all is the true meaning of education and it cannot be replicated by academic knowledge. Being accountable for the self and towards the other people with whom we co-exist is truly reflective of the education a person holds. Such education is achieved on a daily basis from various sources and the only thing required is to keep ourselves open to such opportunities to learn. In true sense, education cannot be reflected through your degrees rather it shows from your behavior and sense of responsibility.

What is education by different authors and scholars?

Various authors and philosophers have defined education in their own words. In any society, it is one of the most significant activities and every person does take it up in order to be able to comprehend anything that life throws at them.

1. According to Aristotle, “Education is the process of training man to fulfill his aim by exercising all the faculties to the fullest extent as a member of the society”. He reflects through his view that education is the tool through which goals can be attained in society.

2. On the other hand, M.J. Langeveld is of the view that education is any interaction between the adult and children. According to him, there is an exclusive process and it isn’t any tool, rather it is known to be a flow of communication between the young and old that lends the latter with significant learning.

3. The famous Greek scholar Socrates says that Education refers to the bringing out of universal ideas that are latent in the man.

4. Furthermore, John Dewey is of the view that education is a continuous process and there is no end to it. A man sets on a journey of education and it will take him/her to places but the journey itself won’t ever end.

To speak the truth, education is rightfully known as the device with which social groups exists and defends their own ideas over those of the others.

Though we can see that various authors have varying ideas according to their point of view on education, the common thread is that all of them regard to education as something that is extremely important for people to co-exist and grow with each other. No matter what the problem, education can truly be the solution to all of them.

The importance of education is truly one of the easiest things to explain because if you are able to read this line then it is because of the fact that you are educated. It is truly known as the soul when it comes to the development of a country over others. It acts as such a weapon that can remove corruption, environmental problems as well as unemployment completely from the face of the country.
Without education, the foundation of the nation will be weak and hence it cannot withstand the storms that are about to come in the future. If thought deeply, we all would realize that with the help of education we get the idea of looking at the world around us with a perspective of the self.

Importance of education!

We get the ability to look back at ourselves and develop into a better person with the help of education. For the country, more education will mean that the people of the nation will be earning more and it will add to the economic progress.

It is needless to say that with such economic progress comes to the real development of a nation and the country can compete with others and emerge as the one with more GDP and better quality of living.

When we write the importance of education essay, we need to take into consideration all the aspects of the subject. Thankfully, when we speak of education, there isn’t any negative points to the topic and hence the essay if more or less all about the importance and the way it adds value to our lives. In this importance of education essay, it can be said that with the help of right education we can identify the skills and then work towards developing them in a better manner.

A person who isn’t educated will never be able to judge the skills of a person who has been working hard day in and out just to get a perfect education and be at the top of the game.

Importance of school!

As we delve deeper into the subject of education, schools are one thing that surely needs to be discussed. Below are some points which show the importance of school. Read on to find out-

As kids, the blooming little fellas hardly have any idea of life and its numerous ways. For the same reason, education needs to be inherited in them so that they can prosper and become successful. In the present day job scenario, for a person to get a good job, education is the first and foremost thing that is needed.

As kids, the blooming little fellas hardly have any idea of life and its numerous ways. For the same reason, education needs to be inherited in them so that they can prosper and become successful. In the present day job scenario, for a person to get a good job, education is the first and foremost thing that is needed.

  1. School is truly the first place where the kids start learning the ways of living life. Not only academics but they learn how to behave and also interact with other fellow candidates so that they can emotionally connect with each other.

  2. Before entering public life, schools offer people the idea of how they need to deal with people and the way they should maintain decorum while interacting. It is just like the professional degree colleges that teach us how to behave in our work life; schools, in the same way, teach how to deal with public life that soon enters a child’s life.

  3. The school helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a student and they can take note of it and decide to work harder to develop further.

  4. They can also know their top skills and further hone them in a better manner for great performance in life.

Importance of education for children

With education, the kids can hone their skills and know their strengths and then play accordingly for the rest of life. Such skills are the only thing that can make them earn a great reputation at work and also offer them great opportunities when it comes to the job market.

Education in India is divided into primary, secondary and higher secondary level. The primary level is of utmost importance because the kids get to know the basics at this stage. Such form of education in India is further meant to develop the personality of the children for the future.

If we look closely, children are like saplings and education is like the water that is being served to them in order to make them able to grow. Once they are strong and independent, the water served them in the nascent stage acts as the basis of their existence and they start making bigger imprints on the world.

Parents are truly regarded as the first teacher in a child’s life but with time organizational education comes and makes them even stronger and ready for the future.

Education is for all and education is a must for all!

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