Best Fun and Educational Board Games for Kids- Scholar Box & Puzzlemania | Class 1-V | Maths, English and EVS.

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Best Fun and Educational Board Games for Kids- Scholar Box & Puzzlemania | Class 1-V | Maths, English and EVS.

Wondering how to make your child grow into a Smarter, Sharper & Confident being? Board Games are effective learning tools for kids to do so. Board Games expand the thought process of Young Children and motivate them to use their memory and critical thinking. Board games are fun ways of learning in which kids use their skills without realising they are using it. According to Studies, introducing kids to board games at a young age develops real life problem-solving skills. Board games help the child to analyse the problem and encourage them to find the solution using their skills. They teach kids to follow instructions and rules which Boosts the Child’s Social Development as well.

Build Your Child’s Key Skills with Smartschool Education’s two most engaging & fun learning games - Scholar Box & Puzzle Mania.

SmartSchool introduces to them which are designed for the children of Classes I to V. The variety of tasks involving colorful worksheets with lively pictures along with the possibility of self-checking makes the learning process attractive & fun. The children get to play with two different boards in which they pick & insert a colorful, vibrant worksheet from a wide selection that comes in the form of “My Book of Maths, English & EVS”. Its unique interface can easily capture children’s attention, inspiring their interest and Curiosity in Learning.

Un-box the Joy of learning through Scholar Box & Puzzle Mania – an ideal education solution for your rising stars.

Scholar Box is an Educational Board game that will help your child to learn better in a fun and engaging way. Through Scholarbox your child can easily practise and enjoy learning.The Board Game is designed specially for kids to help them think and analyse better. It Covers complete syllabus of Maths, English and EVS Subject from class 1-5.

After inserting the worksheet, the children then start playing the game by simply following the easy, self-explanatory instructions on the top. The Scholar Box is a very simple game in which each question has a white dot to its right. The child pushes the respective colored buttons on the board to the correct answer in the right column. This learning game does not require the presence of someone on the head of the child to make him play the game & the child can play it individually. The Scholar Box board is robust & has no loose parts which means the children can play it anywhere & anytime just like here in the cozy corner of their playroom. Playing the game with friends or parents involves dialogue with one another which is yet another advantage of Scholar Box. The game incorporates real life & specific examples to demonstrate even the abstract concepts so that they can be understood, learned & remembered by the child easily.

Watch the Video to learn how to play scholarBox-

Read the Instructions to Play the Scholarbox Educational Board Game:

  1. Insert the Sheet in the Scholarbox.
  2. Read the Instructions written on the Top of the sheet you just inserted for example, the Instructions can be- “Drag the Colored button to its appropriate Blank.”
  3. On the Right, you have a set of colored buttons.
  4. Let’s go to the First Question, “Republic day falls in the month of __.”
  5. Think Carefully In which month Republic Day falls. The appropriate answer should be “January”, Now look at the Options given at the Bottom of the Sheet. You will find that “January” is color coded in Blue.
  6. Pick up the Blue button on the right side of the Board, Drag it and Place it next to the First Question. Similarly Do the same for the rest of the Questions.
  7. To Check the answers, flip the Sheet and Insert it in the Scholarbox. Match the Right Answers in the sheet with your answers.

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Puzzle Mania is an Educational Board game that will help your child to learn better in a fun and an Interactive way. Through Puzzlemania your child can easily practise and enjoy learning.The Board Game is designed specially for kids to help them think and analyse better. Puzzlemania covers the complete syllabus of Maths, English and EVS Subject from class 1-5. Puzzlemania will reinforce the concepts while engaging the child in the game with different sets of challenges.

This Teaching tool requires the students to use their Brain and Practice eye-hand coordination, thus improving their concentration. Booklets are packed with educational activities that make learning fun. Easy to follow instructions and examples help students to learn on their own. The Self checking design lets children assess how much they know and what are the areas where they can improve their knowledge and strengthen their concepts. This gaming tool is vital for developing children’s creativity. Not only this, it also enables students to explore knowledge and learn new things independently. All the more, it encourages the learners to keep trying and practicing which further inspires them to think and not to be afraid of mistakes. This way, it also develops within them flexible and innovative thinking.

Watch the Video to learn how to play Puzzlemania:

Read the Instructions to Play the Puzzlemania Educational Board Game:

  1. Choose the Particular Subject You want to Learn today, take out the sheet and insert in the Puzzlemania.
  2. Read The Instructions which you will find on the top of the sheet, for instance “Match the following questions from the left two column to the appropriate answers in the right two columns.”
  3. The interface of the Puzzle Mania Board Game will be such that, You will get all the questions below the buttons, while the answer options will be on the right side.
  4. Pick up the first button and see the question However, You do not need to pick the button in the order, pick any button you want. Suppose the Button you just picked had the following Sentence under it which says- The__ is on time.
  5. Now Look at the right two columns, think what can be “on time”? See all the Options, carefully analyse what fits best? I think the right answer should be “train”, so place the button which you picked up on the box where “train” is written.
  6. Likewise, pick any other button, see the Question written under it, look at the answer options on the right side, match the respective answers and place the button on your Correct answer. After you have Placed all of the Buttons at the right column. You will need to check whether you have placed the button right or not.
  7. To check the answer take the sheet out, flip it and insert it back.
  8. You will get the right Button Numbers in the left two columns and your answers on the right two columns. Now you can easily match your answers with the correct answers, the left two columns should exactly match the right two columns, If they do not match, check the right answer and correct your mistakes.
  9. To find the complete question with the answer, Pick any button and get the Complete Answer under it.

Benefits of Scholar Box & Puzzle Mania Educational Board Games:

  1. Cultivates child’s interests in studies
  2. Develops child’s recognition skills.
  3. Develops visual perspective and association skills.
  4. Strengthen child’s spatial orientation.
  5. Raise Concentration and Preciseness in Observation.
  6. Helps in Mental Development, memory Retention and boosts confidence.
  7. Engage the Child in Learning while having fun.
  8. Helps in visualizing the concept with clarity.
  9. Regular Practise with the Board Games helps the Child Retain faster and Better.
  10. Makes Kids Sharper, Strengthen their Language and Mathematical Skills.
  11. Helps them to Plan ahead, Detect Patterns and Learn Logical Reasoning.
  12. Encourages the Child to think and decide.
  13. Enhances Problem Solving Skills.
  14. Offers Opportunities for early and extra learning.
  15. Sharpen Your Child’s Focus and Maximizes Child’s Learning Potential.
  16. Boosts Critical Thinking Skills and Improves the Child’s ability to Focus.