30 interesting facts about Norway

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30 interesting facts about Norway

One of the famous Nordic countries in Northern Europe is Norway. The total area of this place is 3, 23,802 square km. The largest and capital city of Norway is Oslo. The official language spoken by the people of Norway is Norwegian. Norway is bordered by four major countries- Russia, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. The main currency of this country is Norwegian Krone (NOK). The country is so popular because of its scenic beauty high waterfalls. Throughout the year, the tourists can enjoy variations in daylight. This is one of the countries which will be least affected during any changes in climate. Another unique feature of the place is that it has one of the longest coastlines.

Top 30 facts about Norway that you should know:

If you are getting prepared for a quiz or just want to gain knowledge about this Scandinavian country, then you should know some of the important facts of this place.

1. The present king of Norway is Harald V who also plays an important role in representing the country and plays a ceremonial role. The late King Olav V is used public transport and paid for tickets. He wanted people to encourage public transport instead of private transport in order to reduce pollution and traffic.

2. One of the interesting facts about Norway is that more than 30% of the country has received higher education. The international candidates in the state and Norwegian universities are given free education because these universities do not charge any tuition fees. Also, you will be amazed to know that Norwegians are avid readers!

3. You will be amazed to know that Norway has one of the longest tunnels in the world which was constructed in the year 1992 and this decision was taken by the Norwegian parliament. The tunnel is named as Laerdal tunnel which has a length of 25.4 km and connects the capital city of Norway and Bergen. Everyone admires the beautiful design of this tunnel.

4. The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony is being given every year in Oslo, which is the capital city of Norway. Oslo has been the proud venue for awarding this prize every year since 1901.The other awards like Physics, Chemistry, literature, etc. are awarded in Sweden.

5. The most remote island of Norway is the Bouvet Island which was administered in 1929 by Norway. This island is not occupied by any living beings; however, the Norwegian authorities maintain a weather station.

6. As per the Human Development Index, Norway ranks the top positions. Human Development Index is a tool which is used for measuring the economic and social dimensions of a country. In 2007 and 2008, Norway has ranked the second position behind Iceland. HDI is calculated on the basis of education level, lifespan, and GDP.

7. The three most important countries having low-income inequalities are Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Norway has been considered as the happiest place in 2017 followed by Iceland, Denmark, and Switzerland. Out of 168 countries, it has ranked the 5th position for being one of the least corrupt countries of the world.

8. The number of English speakers is more in Norway as compared to Canada. 86% of the Norwegians speak in English for communicating whereas 75% of Canadians use English as the main language.

9. The same-sex marriage has been made legal from 2008 and you should keep in mind that Norway does not have any particular official religion.

10. We all know that Sushi is Japanese food but it was Norway that introduced Salman to Japan in the 1980s. Japan has whole-heartedly accepted this and salmon sushi is now a famous dish in Japan. Seafood is one of the leading industries in Norway.

11. You can find the income of any person in Norway just by looking at the tax returns. The records of income and wealth which include the paid income tax, annual income and the total wealth are open to all and anyone can search it. This has been done so that no citizen can evade paying taxes. This is one of the reasons why it is easy for the Norwegians to identify the richest people of Norway!

12. The United Nations (UN) was founded by Norway during 1945 and the first Secretary-General of the United Nations was a Norwegian.

13. The Norwegian language has two basic variations or you can say they have two different variations of writing. The majority population uses Bokmal while the other one, known as Nynorsk is famous among the rural population.

14. Every man and woman in Norway has the right of public access and this is known as Allemannsretten in Norway!

15. One of the longest countries in the world is Norway, the boundary of which stretches to a length of about 2566km. The five major cities of the country are- Oslo, Tromso, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger!

16. You will be surprised to know that a huge number of Norwegians live in the United States. The US population accounts for 1.5% of the Norwegians (4,642,526).

17. There are two important regions of Norway which do not receive sunlight for 6 months and is located in the deep valleys. The two regions are Rjukan and Vijanella and the residents living here make use of mirrors to reflect the light of the sun.

18. You all know about skiing but did you know about the person who is responsible for inventing this modern ski? It was Sondre Norheim who is considered as the father of modern skiing. The design which he invented is the Telemark Ski.

19. The Norway mainland is home to 25 national parks. These national parks include high mountains, vast plateaus, waterfalls, glaciers, and mesmerizing Fjords. In winter, you will find around 25,000 wild reindeer.

20. You will be surprised to know that Norway has a volcano! Don’t panic! It is nowhere near to the main cities of the country. You will find this active volcano on the Jan Mayen Island in the Norwegian Sea.

21. Another funny fact about Norway is that Norway isn’t called Norway! The name of this country is in Norwegian is Norge. Norway is just the country’s name in the English language.

22. In 1925, the cheese slicer was invented in Norway by Thor Bjorklund and it has become a staple food in Norway and many other kitchens throughout the world. There are some people who buy pre-sliced cheese while there are a lot who still prefers to buy cheese blocks.

23. Oslo is one of the cities having a diverse population. For example, 190,000 people were born to immigrants out of a total population of 648000 populations. Pakistan is the largest ethnic minority residing in Oslo. The diversity of the city has been addressed in different Norwegian TV dramas.

24. 37% of the country’s exports account for Petroleum. If you calculate the total value of imports and exports, then the total value will be equal to 69% of GDP. The main export destinations of Norway include Netherland, UK, Germany.

25. Norway is the second-largest leader of exporting seafood, the first being China. However in terms of production. Norway ranks the number one position. The country has huge reserves of seafood, minerals, oil, natural gas, hydropower, etc.

26. You will be surprised to know that since 2011, there has been a butter crisis in Norway. This is one of the reasons why the price of butter is high. 250 grams of butter costs Dollar 50.

27. Half of the new cars which are sold in Norway are usually electric or hybrid cars. This proves that the country focuses its attention on using renewable energy sources.

28. Another amazing fact is that since the Second World War, only 10 police officers have been killed. You can well understand how safe the country is. According to 2006 statistics, no single individual has been killed by the police of Norwegian.

29. Only some of the shops in Norway sell wine because there is a strict regulation in the country as far as alcoholic beverages are concerned. You can find liquor only on some of the designated shops.

30. India and Norway cooperate with one another in 2019 in some of the burning issues like higher education, security, counter-terrorism, aquaculture, ICT, Energy, Environment and Climate. The PM of India has also expressed gratitude to Norway for supporting membership of India in the Missile Technology Control Regime.