20 scientific ways to study smart and fast

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20 scientific ways to study smart and fast

As a student, you need to do a lot of activities throughout the day- tuitions, studies, assignments, projects and many other commitments. 24 hours a day seems insufficient to properly balance out all your activities. You must have a social life as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if you find out smarter techniques for doing your studies? If you want to secure good grades and wish to save time for other commitments, then you need to look for smarter ways to complete your studies.

Smarter techniques to study faster and smart:

Before deciding the techniques, you first need to know what kind of a learner you are. If you can remember things by visual learning, then you need to incorporate visual techniques of study. If you are good t group studies, then you need to join a group. So understanding your nature of learning is essential to study fast and smart. Here are 20 tips by which you can study fast and in a smart manner.

1. Use different ways to learn same information- There are various ways to study a particular topic. You can use different ways like- read the textbook, read the class notes, use mind maps, teach your friends what you have learned, search for other information on the same topic and update your notes. The more you use different ways, the more you activate the different parts of your brain.

2. Review your notes often- Schedule a timetable for different subjects to review your notes as many times as possible. This will reduce your studying sessions before your exams. Reviewing helps you to prepare in a better manner and the information will be stored in your memory for a long time.

3. Understand the concepts- Most of the students try to mug up the entire lessons instead of understanding the theories and concepts. It is not possible to memorize so many modules and theories. Students end up failing the exams because of the lack of understanding of the concept. Get an idea of the concept and exaggerate it on your own.

4. Make use of different materials- Do not just use your textbooks or class notes for studying. Make use of online resources; take reference from library books and other sources. This will help you to cover up all the information that might be missing from your notes. This will help in thorough preparation.

5. Do not multitask- Multitasking is not good especially when you are studying. Try to stay away from distractions when you are studying. Good students focus on one thing only. You can improve your concentration by following these steps: turn off your internet, keep your phone away, do not reply to text messages, and do not switch on the TV, etc.

6. Make handwritten notes instead of using printouts- This is usually suggested to stay away from online distractions. Using handwritten notes help in designing and reframing the information in a proper manner. The laptop note takers usually copy word to word whatever the teacher has explained. Also, studies have shown that students who handwrite their notes tend to perform better in exams.

7. Test yourself as many times as you can- Studying the concepts will not alone help you to achieve good marks. You can study the concepts and schedule a test day for yourself. Set your time and write down the topics without seeing. You can check your own paper or give it to someone for corrections. Buy question paper practice books for effective preparation.

8. Take breaks in between study session- Taking breaks in between study sessions is important to refresh your minds and remember all that you have studied. Studying too many topics without taking any break will not allow you to retain information. Give time to your brain to absorb new things and take enjoyable breaks in between your sessions.

9. Teach someone else-This is one of the smartest ways to study difficult concepts and modules. You can teach someone only when the concept is clear to you. While you teach others, you explain the information in your own words and sometimes you also have it repeat it if the learner is unable to understand. The student may also ask you questions which you have to analyze and answer. This will create a broad understanding of the subject.

10. Involve in group study sessions- Joining a group study is a good technique for having an enriched knowledge of the concepts. When you engage in group discussions, you can get a lot of information which will help you to create rich and broad ideas on a particular concept. You also feel motivated to study.

11. Connect your concepts with what you are trying to learn- Try to connect your notes with what you have learned because this will help you in learning and remembering whatever you have studied. Using acronyms for tough formulas can help you to remember them for a long time. For example, the acronym BODMAS can be used to solve Mathematics problems.

12. Do not stress yourself- Taking stress during the process will be detrimental to your health. Stay calm and enjoy your study sessions. Do not mess with your sleeping pattern especially before the examinations. You need enough sleep and food to stay healthy and stress free. 8 hours of sleep is a must!

13. Reward yourself after every study session- You should set a target that you will complete certain topics in a day. If you can accomplish this target, set a reward for yourself after completion of the study session. For example, the reward can be taking a relaxing shower, eating a healthy snack, listening to your favorite music, stretching, play an instrument.

14. Focus on the process and not on the time- Instead of focusing on how much time you are taking, appreciate and focus on the process. Focus not on the results but on the efforts, embrace the risks and challenges, have faith that you can improve as long as you are dedicated, and focus on the process.

15. Read the important points loudly- You must have heard your parents advising you to read out loud. This is because when you read out the points loudly, you both see and hear them. On the other hand, when you are reading silently, you are just seeing them.

16. Drink sufficient water- Staying hydrated is essential to increase the mental processing of your brain. Dehydration is not good for your health as well as your grades. Carry a water bottle with you when going for an examination. Drink water every 40 minutes to enhance the performance of your exams as well as your grades.

17. Exercise three to four times a week- Exercising is essential for your overall health and your health. There are various benefits of exercising like-it reduces stress, reduces mood swings, improves your brain function, increases the quality of your sleep, helps you to stay away from cancer, diabetes and it also helps in improving your memory.

18. Change your study background-A change in your study background has a lot of impact on your concentration and learning capacities. For example, going to a different room or sitting outside the garden of your house can have a profound impact on your studies. Shifting locations can help you to rejuvenate and concentrate more on your studies.

19. Study at your own convenience- This is a very crucial point for studying smart. Different people have different ways of studying. Everyone has a different pace of studying. You need to understand whether you can digest the contents quickly or you take time to learn. Don’t try to match your studying speed with others. You have to know which the convenient pace is for you. Make use of trial and error methods to determine the best place.

20. Summarize the important points- Write down a short summary of the topic or module that you have chosen. Write summaries in your own words so that you can know what is the module or the concept all about. Do not make the summary lengthy or stuffed with excess information. Just stick to the important points and make use of colorful pens so that you can remember them clearly. Having a summary can help you to quickly go through about what is there in the topic.

You can perform better in exams only when you choose the best opportunities and scientifically proven study methods. Choose the best methods and flaunt your abilities in exams and assignments.