20 Reasons Why Preschool Education is Important!

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20 Reasons Why Preschool Education is Important!

Preschool is the educational system that allows children in early childhood to get educated in their early stage, to begin with, the primary school. A preschool is also called as kindergarten or pre-primary school. It is necessary for every child to get educated in preschools before getting started with compulsory schooling.

Why preschool is important for a child

There are a lot of things that children are able to learn in their preschool phase. Most importantly, they get to know the letters, numbers and many shapes in their child education. Preschool is quite helpful in providing an idea of the structure of society through a lot of skill development programs. The mind of a child is found to be flexible enough to take in many things that even an adult cannot take in.

20 reasons why preschool is important

Preschooling Activities

  1. Preschool provides a social and academic foundation of learning: Children have a high level of curiosity to know things while observing the minor changes in any phenomena or process. They have the curiosity to learn the skills that are valuable to society. Children are being taught such skills through a number of games and interesting activities in order to preserve their creativity as well as curiosity.

  2. Preschooling gives them a structure: Preschooling has an important impact on child education as they structure them by making them learn to respond to certain event wisely. Children are being learned to get attentive, raise hands, ask questions and doubts, follow the instructions, etc. children get opportunities to know each other and their opinions and experience within a group. these activities are crucial that will make their further education easier.

  3. Preparing for the next level, elementary schooling: Learning with interesting ways and plays can even benefit to introduce a portion of elementary schooling in preschooling. This makes things easier for a child if he/she goes to elementary school.

  4. Social and Emotional Development: Preschool influences children to get to know the social and moral values. Children learn and play together and share their thoughts with each other. It leads them to gain ideas and views of society and moral values. They become sensitive to apply any word that may hurt the other one. All in all, they get emotional development through preschooling.

  5. Preschool pushes them to find answers: As we are all aware of the fact that children are full of curiosity. They want themselves to indulge in any phenomena around them. They find so many questions but their quest for the answers may become unfruitful. Preschool is helpful to make them answer their questions. Children will be taught to explore, experiment and come up with a conclusion.

  6. Learning letters and numbers: Preschooling is the phase where they get acquainted with the numbers, letter, and shape around them. They are indulged in learning these things through various interesting games and learn to use abacus to count.

  7. Children learn to care not only themselves but also to their peers: During the preschooling, children learn to care for themselves as well as their peers. They help out each other in the time of need, share their food and snacks and try to make others smile.

  8. Improving language and intellectual skills: Children get to learn to make sentences, structuring them, using vocabulary, poetry, performing a play, building the discussion

  9. Preschool provides a structured environment: The beginning of their education must have a start with a well-structured environment. This doesn’t include the rules and regulation as the children are not meant to follow with such rigidity. Here, teachers are meant to make the students get acquainted with the formal education system.

  10. The curiosity of children: the curiosity of the children are meant to be conserved and nurtured with a great responsibility to allow them to explore the events happening around them.

  11. Improves motor skills: Preschool offers various physical activities and games that are not only helpful in making their learning process interesting but also does improve their motor skills. It is highly required for physical and mental growth as well.

  12. Preparing kids for kindergarten: Preschool is capable of offering the foundation on which one can easily get to the kindergarten without any difficulties. Most of the things in kindergartens are already being taught in preschools that makes it easier.

  13. Proper growth of children: children experience the learning process through various physical activities and games. This not only affects their mind but does also affects your physical fitness in a very positive way. All in all, the children grow properly both mentally and physically.

  14. Making Choice: children are involved in choosing between a number of options for a particular situation and may be according to their priority. It let them understand their priority.

  15. Enhancing communication skills: There are a lot of conversational programs organized to improve their communication skills. Children let themselves involved in a conversation and reflect their opinion through verbal means. It does also help them to know how well they know and express about any topic.

  16. Developing the personality, an initiative: Preschool make them understand their role in the society they live in. Meanwhile, they keep getting comfortable with others in a group and socialize in a very structural way.

  17. Learning and sharing the knowledge of one to another: In preschool, a group of children is formed. They share their experience about the environment, discuss the topic they have learned and ask where the questions arise in any one of their minds. It leads to the sharing of knowledge.

  18. Specific instructions are being targeted: Teachers develop the specific areas of skills in children that are necessary. Those areas are their language, coordination, movement, perception, and emotion.

  19. Identifying the special skills of a child: Preschools majorly works on the major skills that should be learned by the children. It is also a way to discover the talent within them.

  20. Learn to socialize: Children may be of a different kind like introvert, extrovert or ambivert. But, it is necessary for them to socialize and make friends even if they don’t feel like. Preschooling helps them in making new friends.

These are some of the preschooling activities:

  • Lincoln logs
  • Alphabet beads busy bag
  • Mess-free finger painting
  • Farm-themed sensory play

Qualities of a Good Preschool

There are many aspects that are meant to be fulfilled when we talk about a good Preschool. A lot of things should be taken care in mind while choosing the location and infrastructure for the preschool to provide early childhood education. The environment is an important thing too. A good preschool must-have amenities like medical facilities, a hygienic place for eating, bathroom, playing area, etc.

Disadvantages of Preschool

Preschooling has somehow impacted the parents. A preschool that is well structured also has a strict timing for pickup as well as dropoff charging with a late penalty. Parents face challenges to beat the traffic in order to be on time which sometimes seems impossible.

Benefits of Preschools with Statistics

According to the several surveys on the impact of preschool education and its effectiveness, it has been found that 46 percent of parents who are graduate and post-graduate, enroll their 3-5 years kid to such preschools. On the other hand, only 323 percent less than high school pass parents enroll their kids. The rise in 5-year-old kids in preschool was immense and the numbers were at a staggering 86 percent. It shows that the future of the country is in safe hands and people are realizing the value of education.

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