20 Major Problems our India is dealing with!

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20 Major Problems our India is dealing with!

India! The land of diversity which is glued by unity! The history of India goes back to more than five thousand years ago and can be traced back to the banks of the Indus River. This is where the first-ever Indian civilization flourished and gradually, it took the shape of a sub-continent. Today, India is the 7th largest country in the world in terms of land area; it has the second largest population. India is known for having the biggest democracy in the world. According to the World Bank, over the last 5 years, India’s economy has grown leaps and bounds and today, it has one of the strongest economies in the world. In terms of military power, India has the 3rd largest and 4th strongest army in the world. The system of Indian education is admired all over the globe, and over the years, some of the most successful people who are leading the corporate as well as the academic domain, globally have been the direct results of the top-class education system of India.

With all these being said, there is one important question that needs to be addressed. Is India devoid of problems? The answer is quite simple. No, it isn’t. As a matter of fact, there is not a single nation which is devoid of problems and issues! India is no exception! What are some of the major problems in India? Are they serious enough to hamper the future growth and development of this great nation? In the following section of this article, you will be offered a brief insight into 20 major problems which India is presently dealing with

20 Major Problems of India that needs to be addressed-

1. Racism: Racism has been a curse in Indian society for thousands of years. Sadly, even in this age of micro-processor and smartphones, it still persists. You will be shocked to learn that India ranks number one when it comes to the most racist countries in the world.

2. Water Resources: A recent study has revealed that India is quickly exhausting its water resources. If not taken care of, then by the year 2050, India would suffer from water scarcity

3. Weak Infrastructure: Even after 70 years of gaining independence, India has not been able to acquire a strong infrastructure. Whether it is education, sports, politics or the fiscal policy; India needs to work towards improving its overall infrastructure

4. Unequal Distribution of Wealth: According to a survey conducted in the year 2012, nearly 12.4% of India’s population lived in poverty and 21.9% of the population lived below the line of poverty. The condition hasn’t improved much since then. It is quite astonishing considering the fact that some of the wealthiest individuals in the world are Indians!

5. Basic Education System: As far as the quality of basic education in India is concerned, a lot needs to be done to improve it! According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, nearly 62.1 million children in India are out of school! Isn’t it shocking considering the fact that CEOs and MDs of many global business giants are Indians?

6. Women Empowerment: It needs to be admitted that things have improved over the last couple of decades; however, a lot needs to be done. Women’s education is something that has always been neglected in India, especially in rural areas.

7. Population Explosion: As mentioned, India ranks second in the world when it comes to the most populated countries. Presently, India’s population is 120 billion! This is according to the census carried out in the year 2017. With so much population, there is bound to be a scarcity of resources. Besides, other socio-economic issues are bound to arise!

8. Corruption: Corruption has always been a major issue in India. Among the G20 countries, India’s corruption range is 95:35. Prior to 2019, India ranked 78 in terms of the global corruption index. However, India’s rank has improved by 3 points according to the recent study

9. Unemployment: It is but natural that with such a huge population, there would be issues with employment. Unemployment has always been an area of concern for India and sadly, it still persists. According to a study conducted by The Periodic Labour Force SurveyThe the unemployment rate in rural India is 5.3% and it is 7.8% in the urban areas.

10. Terrorism: Since the 80s, India has been a major victim of cross-border terrorism. Some of the ghastly acts of terror have been carried out on Indian soil. Though, various regimes in power have tried to control terrorism; however, it is far from being abolished. Thousands of innocent people India have lost their lives over the last couple of decades to various terrorist attacks. It has been accepted by the global community that India is the biggest victim as far as terrorism is concerned

11. Communism: According to some experts, Communism has been one of the major obstacles as far as India’s economic growth is concerned, which gradually picked up pace in the late 90s. Besides, it is often debated that it is the ideology of Communism in India which has given birth to Naxalites and other types of movements, which has proven to be absolutely devastating for the country in various respects

12. Sanitation: Access to basic sanitation has always been an issue in India, particularly in rural areas. However, there has been a major improvement. In the year 2015, 44% of the population had access to basic sanitation. Today, in the year 2019, it is claimed by various surveys and reports that more than 80% of India has access to the basic sanitation facilities. Over the last couple of years, the Government of India did put in a serious effort to improve the situation, and it has paid a rich dividend.

13. Child Labor: Though, according to the Indian Constitution, making individuals below the age of 14, work is a crime, yet it is practiced widely in India. It is shocking, shameful and at the same time reprehensible, that nearly 47.5 million children in India are engaged in child labor.

14. Superstitions: India is a land of many religions, which have given birth to some of the most ridiculous and at the same time damaging superstitions. As a matter of fact, if Indian society is scrutinized deeply, a conclusion can be drawn that superstitions have been one of the major reasons that have hindered the development of this country; both economically as well as intellectually.

15. Lack of Opportunities for the Youth: According to the census that was conducted in the year 2011, one-fifth of India’s population, that is, 19.1% comes under youth. It is expected that by the end of the year 2020, the youth in India would constitute 34.33% of its total population. This means, that India is the powerhouse of labor. However, sadly, there aren’t enough opportunities for the youth in India to grow and prosper. This is particularly true when it comes to a qualified and educated group. They are left with no other options but to seek opportunities in other countries.

16. Religious Violence: Though multiple different religions have thrived in India for thousands of years; yet, it is really sad, that there have been instances of religious violence in this country. The situation has improved considerably, over the last couple of decades; however, it could not be obliterated completely. This is one aspect that India needs to address and fix. The country has experienced enough of bloodshed in the name of religion

17. Caste System: This is one of the major drawbacks of Indian society. The caste system came into existence thousands of years ago, where people were segregated according to their livelihood. It gradually took a deadly shape and posed serious social problems. Unfortunately, it still persists in modern India

18. Dowry: Dowry has been a curse in Indian society for ages. Though it has been criminalized; however the tradition still persists in the rural areas of the country. More than 8,000 dowry death cases were registered in the year 2012.

19. Honor Killing: Another criminal act that has been nurtured in Indian society, particularly in rural areas for thousands of years. According to a survey conducted by Times of India, a renowned newspaper, more than 250 individuals were killed in the name of “honor”

20. Physical Assault: It would give a clear picture of the situation that reported rape cases in the Capital city of India, Delhi, was more than 2000 in the year 2016

These are some of the major problems that India deals with. However, the good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. As more and, more Indians are getting educated and liberal, the country is gradually overcoming these issues.