20 Interesting and Fun Facts about the Bahamas

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20 Interesting and Fun Facts about the Bahamas

The Bahamas is an archipelago, which is based on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is basically a combination of 700 islands which extends from islands packed with resorts to the inhabited ones. The northernmost part, which consists of the Paradise Island and the Grand Bahama is home to many majestic hotels. For those who are looking for some adventure, there are tons of different options available for them. There are snorkeling and scuba diving sites which are located at the Andros Barrier Reef and Thunderball Grotto. Here you can also find the Bimini, which is a black-coral garden

People started living in the islands of the Bahamas since the 4th century. During the 1600s, this was one of the prime attractions for the Pirates like Calico Jack and Blackbeard. These pirates used to loot the cargo ships which sailed along the trading routes in this region.

It was in the year 1718, this territory was occupied by the British and remained under British rule till 1973, it was in this year that the Bahamas gained independence. Today, the Bahamas is one of the major tourist destinations in the world. Every year, millions of people from all across the globe come down to the Bahamas;6 million to be precise. This wonderful country has a lot to offer to its tourists in terms of its vibrant wildlife, mind-blowing sea beaches, and local heritage and tradition

Few Interesting Facts about the Bahamas

  1. The Origin of the Name: In Spanish, Baha mar means shallow sea. It is quite evident from any satellite image, that the water around the Bahamas is quite shallow. Spectacular turquoise color has covered the entire region. The content of calcium carbonate in the water of Bahamas is so high, that it would at times come directly out of water.
  2. Christopher Columbus Landed Here: In the year 1986, the National Geographic had declared that first foreigner to have landed in the Bahamas was Christopher Columbus
  3. 3rd Highest Per-Capita GDP: You would be surprised to know that in terms of highest per capita GDP in the Western hemisphere, the Bahamas ranks 3rd after the USA and Canada. Tourism is the major industry of this country and this is what has made the Bahamas the 3rd richest country in the new world
  4. Snow in the Bahamas: This is front-page news! Despite being a tropical country, which hardly experiences winter in the true sense in the year 1977, a cold wave from Southern Florida brought snowfall in the Bahamas
  5. Find the World’s Deepest Blue Hole in the Bahamas: On Long Island, the Dean’s Blue Hole is believed to be the deepest one in the world. This blue hole in the Bahamas is located right next to the shore, where you can experience a sudden drop to a depth of 663ft from the knee level. This is a very popular place from the divers who are attempting world record
  6. It Lies on the Tropic of Cancer: In the Western hemisphere, the Tropic of Cancer passes through Exuma in the Bahamas. In the Western Hemisphere, the Tropic of Cancer only passes through the country of Mexico.
  7. The Highest Point is just at 207 feet from the Sea Level: Almost the entire country of Bahamas consists of sandbars and coral reefs; this has resulted in a very little amount of elevation throughout the country. The highest point in the Bahamas is Mount Alvernia which is located on the Cat Island, which is a tilted, raised reef.
  8. Marching Band on Currency: This is the only country in the world which has a marching band on its currency
  9. The Bahamas is a Non-Carrabin Nation: The Bahamas is basically not a part of the Caribbean. Actually it is located to the north of the Caribbean. These islands were not formed as a result of volcanic eruptions
  10. It could have been bigger: The country of Bahamas consists of a great extent of Lucayan Archipelago, but not all of it. The Bahamas gained independence from the United Kingdom in the year 1973 and the remaining part remained under the control of the British. Caicos and Turks are also expected to join the Bahamas; however, there has been a great reluctance on the part of the Caicos and Turks to join the Bahamas
  11. More than 700 Islands make up the Bahamas: There are more than 700 different islands that have made up the Bahamas. Most of these islands are made of limestone or sand. Only 30 out of the 700 islands are inhabited. The population of the country is almost 4,00,000 out of which, nearly 70% of them live on New Providence, which is an island
  12. The Biggest Boxing Day Celebration: At the Bahamas, you can experience the biggest Boxing Day celebration which is known as Junkanoo and is organized on December 26th every y6ear. It’s a special carnival in the Bahamas which features parades, bands, parties, costumes, and floats. You can find it a bit difficult to get a room in the Bahamas during this time of the year
  13. Ideal Destination for Cave Diving: Those who are interested in cave diving, for them, the Bahamas has a lot to offer. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world visit the Bahamas to enjoy different types of adventure activities that include cave diving as well. There are many natural caves in this area which goes back to more than 1000 years and some of them are even 100 feet in terms of their depth. After the rise of sea level, these caves got filled with water, which has made them ideal for cave diving
  14. Ranks at the Top in terms of Registered Ships: When it comes to the number of registered ships in the world, the Bahamas rank 7th in the world. One of the reasons as to why they have such a huge number of registered ships is to meet the demands of their tourists who come in the numbers of thousands to enjoy the famous Carrabin cruise
  15. No Income or Sales tax in the Bahamas: Would you believe it! There is no concept of sales or income tax in the Bahamas and this is one of the reasons as to why local businesses have flourished so well in this part of the world. The fact that tourism is the major industry and the main source of income for the people of this country, the government has decided not to impose any taxes. This has given the local business more free space to work with which in turn is adding to the National Income of Bahamas and also is adding to its GDP
  16. Name starts with “The”: There are only two countries in the world whose name starts with a “The”. Bahamas being one of them, the other one is The Gambia
  17. Right at the Edge of Bermuda: This is what makes this place even more exciting! Everyone is aware of the Bermuda Triangle and the mysteries related to this place!! The Bahamas is located right on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle and here you can hear tales about this freak of nature
  18. Slave Trade was the main source of Income: There was a time when the economy of this place boomed on the slave trade. However, slavery was abolished in the year 1838
  19. Drug Trade: There was a phase when this wonderful country was going through a rough patch. It used to be the primary destination for drug dealers from all over the world. More than 9% of the cocaine that was supplied to the United States was passed through the Bahamas
  20. No Rail Network: This is yet another interesting fact about the Bahamas. There exists no rail network throughout the country and the entire landscape is being connected via roads

So, if you are planning to visit the Bahamas, in that case, you can expect lots of fun and adventure. The cruise on the blue sea, the golden beach, colorful forests, adventure sports and many more, makes The Bahamas one of the primary tourist destinations in the world. However, it is always advisable to book your hotels in advance as this place remains occupied almost round the year. If you are interested in photography and hiking, then The Bahamas has endless things to offer you. Visit this wonderful country to see what it has in store for you