17 Ways to Grow Your Business Fast without Any Investment

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17 Ways to Grow Your Business Fast without Any Investment

In today’s world, a business can be built and nurtured upon innovative ideas without investing hefty amounts. So, what are the most proven ways of helping a business to grow with nominal expenses? In this article, a plethora of creative ideas for fast business growth has been discussed.

1. Use Social Media to Strengthen Online Presence

“Contents create fire. Social media is Gasoline” says Jay Baer. A business needs social media presence to obtain more online exposure. The best thing about social media is that they are completely free. You can have your business account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram without investing a dime. Staying active on social media and creating relatable content will increase engagement and fetch more potential customers or clients for your business.

2. Find Suitable Business Directories

Many internet directories are there, and netizens use these directories to find a business in a particular region. For directory submission, relevance is the key. You need to enroll your business in directories that are relevant to your business niche.

3. Focus on Email Marketing

A business has many email contacts and some of them can be turned into the buyers. For email marketing, you have to master the art of writing creative newsletters. Make the content precise and attention-grabbing. Surveys say that there are 67-73% click rates and 20% of open rates in an efficient Email marketing which holds the capacity of wide business promotion.

4. Use Email and Forum Signatures Meticulously

Email and forum signatures should be used meticulously by the business owners. In signature, contact number and the website link should be placed. Additionally, you can add an interesting or attractive tagline. An environment-friendly social message conveyed through email signature will also be appreciated.

5. Post Useful Comments in Forums

A forum related to your business niche can become the source for fetching potential buyers for your products. In various forums, people post their queries. You can answer those queries with useful information. At the same time, you can subtly promote your products through those forums posts. Spamming, instead of posting valuable comments in forums, will fetch a bad reputation for your business. Hence, you need to be careful with your forum commenting strategy.

6. Build Online Communities

If you sell products related to gardening, you need to find people who are passionate about gardening. Through social media, you can build a virtual community of passionate gardeners. Through building virtual communities, businesses can earn a good number of loyal customers.

7. Write Blogs to Spread Awareness

As a business owner, you need to make people aware of the benefits of the products that you are selling. Blogging is an essential tool for that. Your business blog will tell about the key features and benefits of the products. Blogs can also be used for announcing special discounts and promotional offers for buyers.

8. Write Online Press Releases

It is always a good practice to magnetize the attention of potential buyers. Through press releases, a business announces newly signed deals, new products, limited promotional offers, etc.

9. Find Platforms for Guest Blogging

Along with onsite blogging, guest blogging can fetch good business opportunities. It is vital for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) too. You can improve website ranking in Google’s search pages through guest blogging.

10. Comment on Blogs Related to Your Business Niche

Blog commenting is a good habit for running a successful SEO campaign for a business. You need to find popular blogs on your business niche. On these blogs, you can comment or interact with blog writers and other readers.

11. Ask Customers to Write Reviews

Once you have sold a product or service, you should always reach customers or clients to share reviews. Getting positive feedback from buyers is motivating for a business. It also gives you a better SEO ranking.

12. Use relevant Hashtags for Social Media posts

An in-depth research on famous and engaging hashtags and using them in your social media posts can allow a larger mass to view your posts and know about your business. People follow what is trending and hashtags are the best way to make your contents trending. Some of the famous hashtags used by business pages are #business, #entrepreneur, #businesswoner etc.

13. Find Social Influencers for Business Promotion

In various social media platforms, you shall find many social influencers. Such people have a high fan following. Asking them to promote your products is a fantastic idea. However, this would not come for free. You can either pay the influencers or offer them freebies.

14. Offer Referral Rewards to Customers

You can offer freebies or discounts to customers who shall refer your business to others. A small commission can also be given as referral rewards to such customers. Through referrals, a business can increase its brand exposure and revenue.

15. Search for Scopes to Collaborate

A business related to your business niche may like to collaborate on certain occasions. Such collaboration will mutually benefit the two businesses. It is a business promotional idea that requires zero investment.

16. Post Videos on YouTube

Today, YouTube is a popular medium for finding video content. You can advertise your business through YouTube. Video marketing can also be used for creating awareness among the target group of customers.

17. Explore the Online Classified Listings

Online classifieds are excellent mediums for business marketing. You can sell your products or services through creative ad posting in such online classified websites.