14 Reasons why both knowledge and marks matter!

5 months ago in Education

14 Reasons why both knowledge and marks matter!

One of the critical questions that arise in our mind is whether knowledge is enough for a better career, or we should also perform well in the exams for marks. In the education system all over the world, it has been the talk of the town whether knowledge is enough to thrive or you need to get good grades to become successful. The cliché we are tired of hearing is that marks do not matter if you know. But, you will find many people saying that both are needed to be maintained to have a bright future and successful career in any field.

Some students only aim for securing good grades by just memorizing books without having the practical knowledge of the subject. While others do not care for marks, but they focus on useful things like no other. But, some students rely on gaining both.

You must know that acquiring knowledge cannot let you get through alone; you must need grades well enough to take you to the desired place you have dreamed of. Hence, we have come up with the 14 reasons why you should focus on both things:

Reason 1: Playing on the safe side

If you are doing great in your exams as well as understanding your subject with depth. Congratulations, you are playing on the safe side. It is crucial for you to perform well in your exams rather than your knowledge. Conversely, your good scoring marks cannot help you to succeed unless you have understanding. Hence, you are on the right path if your overall performance is excellent.

Reason 2: Expertise vs. Regularity

Securing good marks can only lead to consistency, but gaining a level of expertise is only achievable by getting knowledge. A student whose only target is to achieve good grades and become popular in the class by appearing in the top position can have common attributes because of the lack in his/ her expertise concerning the subject.

Reason 3: Concept vs. Cramming

If you try to understand the subject, you build knowledge. If you decide to mug up the whole book, you get good marks. But, as far as the actual development is concerned, you have to be good not only at passing with good marks but also with considerable knowledge that can help you for the coming days.

Reason 4: Knowing vs. Executing

When you know things well, you rock in your examination with flying colors. And when you execute things well, you are gonna rock for many years to come. Your good knowledge will not let you down with your further education and your ability to execute what you have learned will not disappoint you in your life.

Reason 5: Know-how vs. Know what

A good scorer knows what happens, but a student with sound knowledge has a sense of how such things happen. While these two things are found to be different, but you must have to master in both aspects. You must be aware of the fact that what does it take you have an exceptional mind. The brilliant minds were know-how kind of personalities.

Reason 6: Long term vs. Short term

Securing good marks will help you to get through your exams. A crammer can utilize such things only for the short term as they do not need it anymore. They have mugged up things for the purpose of clearing their papers. While, if you have learned things well with proper understanding, you will be getting its benefits for a longer time.

Reason 7: Success in every step

Everybody wants to taste success in their life. But, the way that leads to it is not quite easy. If your achievements were limited to your mark sheets, then congratulations, you have become a certified mediocre. The successful people performed well not only on their papers but also in the implementation of their knowledge.

Reason 8: Development of Character

Clearing your exams one by one can only lead you to get promoted to the next level, but it does not mean that you have developed in your character. Your such kind of promotions are adding up like your age, but it is crucial to have a development of mindset. You need to work on both to develop yourself while you are getting promoted.

Reason 9: Your Perception of yours and others perception for you!

You might become the talk of the town by getting good marks. Your teachers will like you, and your class-fellows will envy you. Your parents would be proud of you. But, somewhere in your heart, you must have known how well you have evolved. You could have been done more improvements in the practical approach of what you have got in your mark sheet.

Reason 10: Leader vs. Follower

Wondering what would be the life of a good scorer? Getting good grades, getting promoted, experiencing many opportunities, and then getting a good job in any sector. But, leaders are not born like this way. They perceived more by experiencing more than just getting worried about their exams. If you are doing well in your exams, you are getting promoted to be a follower in the future. If you do both things greatly, you might be claiming the throne of a leader.

Reason 11: Self-confidence

Nothing builds your self-confidence than your self-development. You can only develop yourself if you are getting knowledge by learning things. It is the only thing that is capable of providing a certain level of joy that your marks cannot do alone. Obviously, your grades are important for you to get promoted and go for further pursuit of degrees in your desired field, but knowledge is what that persists for your entire life.

Reason 12: Growth vs. Development

When you score marks and go to the higher class, you resemble a kid who is growing physically and get improvements in the physical capability of handling things. The development signifies knowledge that you have collected while getting promoted just like a kid grows and become mature. Not all grown kids act mature, but when both things are improving, you can be the best version of your own.

Reason 13: Understanding vs. Mugging up

This is clear to all of you that your knowledge is because you understand while you read, and that is worthy of the time you have implied on it. While on the other hand, your mugging up habit can harm your creativity. If you have sound knowledge of the subject, you can also perform well in your exams.

Reason 14: Appearing vs. Qualifying

Securing a considerable mark is necessary for your career. You can’t miss any chance to score as much as sufficient to appear in any exam. With your marks, you appear, with your knowledge you qualify.


It has been made clear and straight that both of the things are necessary for your bright career ahead. In this world of high competition, you must have to bring out the best in all the possible manner. Your mark sheets cannot take the responsibility of yours to put the required effort for a certain requirement in order to get things sorted for you.