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Watch. Listen. Practice. Learn.

You set the pace with E-learning. Learn what you want, when you want, and practice while you watch and listen. Order the product today and see the difference in your child.

What We Do

StudynLearn is an  education product that provides K-12 digital content for students studying in CBSE, ICSE, and Indian state boards. With over 50,000 modules both in audio-visual and interactive format, it is the best tool to secure high grades in the school examination.

Along with the digital content, it includes a powerful assessment environment with the capability to run both in offline and online mode. With over 1 lac questions to practice and extensive suite of competitive test series, the assessment provides the best possible practice platform for students, to excel in their examination.


  • High definition 3D/2D animation based content
  • CBSE approved content
  • Strictly mapped to CBSE/ICSE/STATE boards
  • More than 50,000 education modules
  • Interactive games for better learning
  • Assessment software with over 1 lac questions
  • Full length test series for competitive exams
  • Extensive feedback and test analysis report

How it works ?

Lesson Demo Videos

History :: Class VI

Science :: Class VI

Alphabets :: Junior

English :: Class III

Science :: Class IX

Mathametics :: Class VIII

Science :: Class IX

Mathametics :: Class VII


About our company

Founded by the alumni of DCE, SmartSchool Education Pvt Ltd is an eLearning Company Headquartered in Delhi. Brainchild of people from IIT, IIM and DCE – Innovation through technology forms the core DNA of the company. The company has been actively providing innovative educational solutions to various educational institutions in India and abroad. With a core expertise in software and Indian teaching pedagogy…

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